What Do You Mean My Cute Disciples Are Yanderes?

Chapter 967: When You Leave Before The Show Ends (*RR)

Chapter 967: When You Leave Before The Show Ends (*RR)


*A while ago*

Oh!! Manami and Kiyomi ascended together!

I mean, I already expected them to ascend together but I definitely wasn't expecting them to ascend here right now. Obviously, you won't see me complaining about it either.

Still… A goddess of the Brightest Star and the Darkest Depths? Can't say I expected them to take such a domain either.

It might seem simple at first but these two roles also take on a concept of existence.

The domain of the Brightest Star also includes the beginning of life or even the 'start' of a journey. Similar to how the universe came to be with a big stomp of my foot that exploded out into the universe, she could control the beginning of things.

She could change, alter and create the beginnings of anything she wants, as long as a stronger force was not already affecting it.

To put it bluntly, it's a domain that was a more watered down version of Origin.

On the other hand, the Darkest Depths was the 'conclusion' of a journey. No, it is not as simple as just being the end of life, but more like a stagnation, just like being frozen eternally.

It's similar to the Abyss where every moment of the prisoners' lives are spent doing nothing but staring out into an inky blackness of space where nothing happens.

That brings attention to Lian Li's domain of Conception where she could create and alter concepts itself.

It's not only limited to other people's concepts either but the very definition of the concept too. In other words, her domain is actually closer to Origin than Manami's was.

They would be seriously overpowered, if they had full control over their domains that is.

I know all this thanks to omniscience but I also know from omniscience that most gods don't ever obtain their full potential in their domains. Like ever.

It makes sense since to reach full potential in the domain, they have to become the domain itself.

That meant they would be casting aside their desires, their wants and their egos that would make up who they are. This would be equivalent to suicide.

Thus, most of the time gods would gain control over a specific aspect of their domain, which is why we can have multiple gods presiding over one domain without clashing with each other.

Putting that aside, since Manami and Kiyomi had both ascended together, I'm sure this fight would soon be over in their favour. That means this little practice duel should end soon and they would be returning back home.

It would be quite terrible if they found me absent there so I think it's time I made myself scarce before this fight concluded.

"We're leaving," I announced, prompting all of my fellow audience to turn to me.

"Eh? Now? But things just got interesting, Daddy!" Lilith protested, gesturing wildly towards Manami and Kiyomi who were still in the midst of their ascension.

"Yes, but we already know how it's going to end and I'm sure there was something you wanted to do before we came here, right?"

The demoness immediately caught on to what I was implying and leapt towards me to hug my arms, "In that case, what are we waiting for Daddy?! Let's go! Let's go!"

The two of us teleported to my room, the light from the teleportation barely subsiding before Lilith had literally ripped off her clothes and pounced on me, pushing me down onto the bed with a look of wanton lust on her face.

"Daddy… Daddy… Daddy… Mmm…" She moaned, her hands reaching down to caress my slowly hardening member with her fingers.

With a mental command, Xun Guan had melted away from my body, leaving me as naked as Lilith was.

She barely acknowledged the slime's presence as she leaned forward to kiss me, her tongue already seeking out mine to wrap itself around it.

Meanwhile, her fingers went from teasing caresses to a vice-like grip as she started pumping it to full erection, her hips grinding themselves onto my thigh.

My own hands reached for her chest, squeezing her boobs together while tweaking her nipples from time to time.

I was rewarded for my efforts with a moan escaping her lips, causing her to kiss me with much more ferocity than before as her tongue rolled around the insides of my mouth.

Pretty soon, she had thrown her leg over my waist to straddle me without breaking our kiss, her hands now busy caressing my chest.

Instead of putting it in like I thought she would, Lilith was content with rubbing herself along my length with her slit, coating my cock with a layer of her juices.

She pulled back, gasping hard, "Daddy… My pussy… It's so hot…"

I kissed her on the nose, "You really turned into a pervert, haven't you?"

"I can't help it… Daddy made me into this… I can't live without Daddy's cock anymore…"

To prove her point, she intensified the speed of her rubbing her slit against my cock, causing some of her juices to splatter against my thigh.

I smirked, "I see, I suppose I should take responsibility for it then?"

Without waiting for an answer, my hands reached down to grab her by her child-bearing hips, lifting her up high enough for my cock to press itself against her dripping entrance before I dropped her right on top of it.

My entire length was sheathed inside her in one smooth motion, hitting her deepest depths and kissing her cervix with the tip of my cock.

Her mouth was opened in a silent scream with her eyes rolling to the back of her head as her climax hit her. So intense it was that even her tongue had drooped out from her mouth as well.

Feeling a little evil, I didn't wait for her to finish cumming before I started pistoning myself in and out of her.

This time, actual screams came out from her mouth as I slammed myself in and out of her quivering pussy.

"Daddyyyyy… Daddyyyy… Unnngghhh!!" She moaned eloquently, even as her body went on autopilot to slam her own hips back against mine.

The wet, splashing sounds coming from below as I continued slamming my hips against her just served as an indication of how wet she was, if the wetness soaking my own hips was not enough of an indication already.

By how tightly her pussy was squeezing around my cock, I would guess that she was also desperate for me to release myself inside her as well.

The way her pussy walls seem to gain a sentience of their own as they wrapped and coiled around my cock was also bringing me very close to the edge, truly a demonic pussy.

As though sensing my impending release, Lilith quickened the pace of her hips, clenching her walls around me even tighter with a familiar sense of desperation.

"Daddy! Daddy! Cum!! Cum inside me!! I want to feel Daddy's cum inside me!"

My only response was a grunt as my balls clenched with my next thrust, shooting my spunk into her waiting womb and filling it to the brim with my seed.

She screamed out her pleasures as she came with me, her head thrown back and her back arched while her body quaked with pleasure.

Before I even finished cumming, the door to my room burst open and Sophia was standing there, looking ready to fight.

"Master! I heard screams! Are you… Oh."

Her eyes widened at the sight of my cock still pumping Lilith full of my seed, causing me to wonder why she was even here.

Ah… Usually I would put up a silencing inscription around my room before I engaged in such activities… But Lilith didn't give me the opportunity to do that before she pushed me down.

Oh well.

"Want to join us, Sophia?" I asked, pulling my cock free from Lilith's pussy.

The former demon lord said nothing and sank to her knees, her clothes melting away from her body while her lips clamped themselves over the tip of my cock, sucking it diligently.

Guess this would turn into a threesome after all…

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