Villain Retirement

Chapter 372: Relocation

Chapter 372: Relocation

[She… is safest with you.]

"Why did you think I'll be safe with the world's no. 1 serial killer!?"

And all of a sudden, Angela's voice filled the entire lobby as she grabbed the phone from the table; screaming at it almost as if that would make the Pope respond faster. But alas, it seemed to have the opposite effect…

…as the phone hung up.

"Hello? Hello!?"

"Quite an interesting development."

On the other hand, Riley was nodding to himself as he stood up; grabbing the phone from Angela while carrying a very subtle smile on his face — but with his mouth, even the most subtle smile seemed somewhat mischievous.

Angela couldn't really say anything, however, as she just remained seated completely flabbergasted.

An interesting development? Perhaps for a bystander. But for Angela? This practically just changed her entire life. How was she even supposed to go on knowing what she knows now? Is it even true?

But what does the Pope have to gain from lying? And why would he lie about something like this?

Wait — is this why it felt like he was treating her differently from the other two paladins? Angela thought she was treated better because she was the best amongst the three… but now that she was scouring her memories, she was realizing some things.

And while Angela was currently stuck in her own mind, Riley was once again dialing someone.



"Hello, Ms. Ellie."

[W… what the… Riley? Why are you calling me instead of John?]

"I need the two of you to return as soon as possible," Riley completely ignored Ellie's somewhat perplexed voice, "You have a new job — take care of Paige and the building."


[...Alright, we're actually already on our way back. We'll be there in less than a minute.]

"Thank you, Ms. Ellie."

"If the Pope is my father… then who's my mother? I need to— Where are you going!?"

And before Angela could finish muttering to her words, she saw Riley already only a meter away from the door.

"I'm going to where the Pope is, of course," Riley casually said as he shrugged, "I think no one else is going to come here — the House of Super seems to be focusing their forces to kill the Pope first."

"T… then let me come with you!"

"I think that is obvious," Riley then raised his hand, and as he did so, Angela was lifted into the air along with her gigantic slab of a sword and helmet; somewhat unwillingly being floated outside,

"You'll be my map. I assume he would be in the Vatican?"

"Y… yes," Angela could really only nod her head as she and Riley started ascending into the sky; the buildings below, quickly becoming smaller, "Shouldn't… we take the jet I took to get here?"

"No. Too slow."

And as soon as Riley said that, Angela felt her vision shift; she heard a quick pop coming from the front as he saw a skirt of wind exploding from Riley's waist — it was… a weird feeling. By all means, she should be experiencing a massive shift in pressure due to the sheer g-force she found herself in, but there was nothing like that.

There wasn't even a single waft of air blasting through her face; the strands of her hair, unmoving.

It almost just felt like she was casually floating still in the air, but the blurring ocean beneath her quickly debunked that.

"How does it feel, Ms. Angela?"

"It… feels like we are just floating still."

"I meant suddenly knowing your father was close to you all along."

"...Oh," Angela could really only blink several times as she heard Riley's words, "I honestly don't know what I am feeling right now. It… doesn't feel real. How… did you feel when you realized you were adopted and that your parents were not your real parents?"

"They told me at a very young age," Riley glanced back at Angela, "I remember feeling… relieved a few moments later."


Yes," Riley nodded, "Because that would mean that I was different from Hannah because I was born from a different set of people. There wouldn't be a chance that she would become a monster like me."

"...Right. Then what about when you found out who your real parents are?"

"Diana and Bernard are my real parents."

"...I mean your biological parents."

"Ah," Riley slightly nodded, "It did not really change anything since my biological mother was already dead."

"Then… what about your biological father?"

"The circumstances of my birth are still a little complicated. I do not think I even have one — I came from some sort of syringe. I am also still not clear about that, I will ask Diana once we meet again."

"...Huh," Angela could only really let out a breath. In truth, she was just trying to make sense of things and just wanted to distract herself so she asked about Riley's situation… but to think it was this strange,

"But still… you don't make another human with just your mother's egg. Have you never really wondered what the other half of you is? You might find out why you are how you are if you find out who the other half of your DNA belongs to."

"..." Riley once again glanced back at Angela.

"Now that I know the Pope is my father — some of the parts in my life that previously didn't make any sense suddenly become clear. I am actually almost old enough to be your mother, but now I… feel like a child again."

"...You might actually be on to something here, Ms. Angela," Riley squinted, "I initially thought I am different because of Alice… but aside from being a nuisance and a pain to the people around her, she didn't truly become crazy until the day she decided to kill me."


"No. Did… she really even become crazy at the end?" Riley squinted his eyes, "Now you made me curious about my origin, Ms. Angela."

"...You made me curious of your origin," Angela blinked several times as she heard the circumstances of Riley's birth, "All those things really happened?"

It was hard to sympathize with a murderer that has massacred and tortured millions of people. But now that she was hearing Riley's story… why was it even starting to feel like it was her fault even though she wasn't in any way involved?

She remembers laughing and scoffing when the Pope told her that Riley was just a misguided child — that he was a product of the tragedies surrounding him. But now, why does that feel so accurate?

"What do you think, Ms. Angela?"


"What reason do you think a mother would have to kill his 2-year-old son?"

"That…" Although there wasn't even a hint of sorrow or sadness in Riley's voice, Angela still could not help but almost choke in her own breath as she heard his words. As much as she wanted to deny it… she had heard many stories of mothers killing their children — especially those that are insane and fanatical about their faith.

But being insane is their reason. Because what other reason could there be?

"I have heard of animals killing their offspring due to them being weak. Is it possible I was weak as a baby?"


"It's possible. I didn't gain telekinesis until Alice killed me."

"I think—"

"We've arrived."


Thankfully for Angela, she didn't really have to force herself to answer Riley's question as they slowly descended to the ground. She looked below her… only to see the once grand and ancient city now completely ruined.

"What… have they done?" Angela quickly grabbed the helmet that was floating beside her and wore it.

"Can you see where the Pope is, Ms. Angela?"




"There," Angela pointed at the main building, "He's underground."

"Okay, you can go ahead."

"What do you—"

And before she could even finish her words, she felt herself being thrown away — plunging straight into the building; storming through several walls as she did so. She was quite surprised at the first wall at first but quickly used her sword to burst through the next ones.

And without even a moment, she suddenly found herself in front of the large door leading to the underground vault---


---With several people looking at her; all of them, wearing a hint of red on them.

"..." She then turned her head to the side, only to see someone wearing a similar armor to her, except silver in color… sprawled on the ground and seemingly surrounded by his own blood,


The Crimson Paladin then placed her sword in front of her,

"In death, may you find Him."

And with those words, the Crimson Paladin brandished her sword.


Riley was still in the St. Reacher's Square, but now standing on top of the cross obelisk that was in the very center of the square — wondering why it was called a square when the halls of pillars that surrounded it were clearly shaped in a circle.

His hands were inside his pockets, his long cardigan and long black hair, flowing with the wind. And very soon, he stretched his arms to the side.

And with a small breath and a growing smile on his face… the morning sky slowly turned dark.

And soon, a drop of rain could be seen puttering from the dark sky, drenching the ground in red.

And with the drop soon multiplying, the square was very slowly painted in blood.

And then… it was followed by a thud that whispered through the rain — a corpse, dropping in a pool of its own blood. And then, it was followed by another…

…and another.

"I changed my mind," Riley then turned to look at the phone that was floating in front of him,

"I'm relocating your grave."

And soon, what followed the rain of blood…

…was a storm of bodies endlessly crashing to the ground.

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