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Chapter 7 – Midnight Phantom Cat

Chapter 7 – Midnight Phantom Cat

Glory supported speech and it was extremely lifelike. Only one individual spoke at present. The system had a sound spreading algorithm, the distance directly influenced how loud or quiet the sound was. The game didn’t have any background noise. Only the wind blowing across the grass and other similar sound effects could be heard. When the headphones were put on, it felt like he had become a part of the world.

Ye Xiu guessed that the person shouting was Sleeping Moon. He had already found the hidden BOSS Midnight Phantom Cat’s location. Ye Xiu typed out a “ha ha” and heard Sleeping Moon’s voice: “Speak, why type?”

“There’s someone sleeping so it’s inconvenient.” After Ye Xiu typed it out, he fished out a cigarette from his pocket. He held it in between his lips crookedly and lit it.

“Oh.” Sleeping Moon indicated that he understood and followed: “What about everyone else?”

The other three all said something. Sleeping Moon said disappointed: “Ah, no pretty girls!”

Within the sounds of laughter, the team set off.

Green Forest was a low-level dungeon to let players familiarize with the game. How hard could it be? What’s more Sleeping Moon obviously wasn’t a newbie. He directed the whole journey and killing was smooth and unhindered. After Ye Xiu made Lord Grim cast two Heals, Sleeping Moon immediately used him as a Priest turning him into a pure support role. Actually, this type of low-level dungeon didn’t need this type of iron triangle battle tactic, but Sleeping Moon was already used to it and directed it as if it were a normal routine. He himself became the main tank in the party though. The other three players were in the front lines dishing out damage, Lord Grim was appointed to the rear and he became the big logistics leader.

Killing and shouting sounds could be heard between the five person party as they advanced quickly. Ye Xiu’s excellent technique handling received the team leader’s unbridled praise. Ye Xiu’s mind was in a daze. When was the last time he went in a dungeon with other players? How long had it been since he had this sort of feeling?

Seeing the monsters collapse one by one, Ye Xiu ‘s mind drifted off. He recalled all too well. Adventuring in the Green Forest made him remember of those memories from ten years ago.

At that time, he played Glory with his good friend. He would never forget those memories. You saw clearly, spoke well, planned well, but in the end because of a single unexpected accident, your dreams and hopes all disappeared into nothing leaving only this incomplete Thousand Chance Umbrella to me.

“You originally had talent in Glory, a successful talent… …” His fingers gently wiped over the keyboard. With a quiver, Lord Grim cast a heal onto Sleeping Moon’s body. When Sleeping Moon promptly praised him again, Ye Xiu’s mind was no longer in the game.

“Okay, here comes the Midnight Phantom Cat.” After Sleeping Moon cut down a monster, Ye Xiu heard the three words Midnight Phantom Cat and his train of thought immediately returned. The hidden BOSS didn’t necessarily have to appear after completely finishing the stage. Following the system’s guidance, a scene may appear midway. This time, the Midnight Phantom Cat would appear here.

“The Midnight Phantom Cat’s attack may cause you to enter a Cursed state. But being cursed isn’t something to be scared of. However this animal is quick, so it might take a while for me to aggro it. Everyone start supporting me, don’t be panicked and stay together.” Sleeping Moon arranged a tactic.

Everyone nodded his head and Ye Xiu didn’t say anything. There was nothing wrong with what the party leader said.

“The system hasn’t announced it yet. Comrades, we might be the first in the tenth server to kill a hidden BOSS!” Sleeping Moon excitedly said raising everyone’s morale.

“Forward.” Sleeping Moon ordered and the five continued advancing. Black clouds covered the sun casting a gloom over the Green Forest. Everyone’s footsteps in the forest could be distinctly heard. No one said a thing, everyone put their full attention onto the surroundings.

“Fallen Sun. There’s no need to keep looking at the sky. The Midnight Phantom Cat’s not going to fall from up there.” Sleeping Moon suddenly said. Glory was in a first-person perspective. The screen basically showed a perspective from a real human’s perspective. Because the particulars were so outstanding, when looking up at the sky, the character had to lift up his head. Sleeping Moon kept seeing everyone constantly lifting their heads so he couldn’t help but point it out.

“Ha ha ha.” Everyone laughed. Ye Xiu suddenly heard a rapid rustling sound from within the forest. This type of sound wasn’t from footsteps. It was from the rubbing sound between a body and leaves.

“It’s here.” Ye Xiu saw that typing might have been slow, so he immediately yelled vaguely. His mouth still held onto the cigarette! Meanwhile, his fingers lightly tapped twice and Lord Grim leapt back and turned around in a single breath. He had already pinpointed the Midnight Phantom Cat’s general direction.

Everybody saw Lord Grim’s movements and knew that it was this comrade that immediately warned them at this pivotal moment.

“Everyone retreat back.” Sleeping Moon shouted yet he himself didn’t move back. He wanted to become the Midnight Phantom Cat’s first attack target.

After the other three retreated back and stood beside Lord Grim, they maintained a certain distance from Sleeping Moon. Everyone held their breaths and stared, but the rustling sound made by the Midnight Phantom Cat had unexpectedly stopped.

“What… …” Right when team member Fallen Sun said these two words, a black shadow flew out along with a shrill cat shriek. The first attack really did fall onto Sleeping Moon.

“Good timing!” Sleeping Moon stood without a trace of fear and brandished his sword. The Midnight Phantom Cat had a small body and moved quickly. This type of monster tested a player’s precision. Ye Xiu had figured out these four player’s skills long ago. He guessed that aggroing the Midnight Phantom Cat would take a bit of time. He was a even a little skeptical thinking that his healing might snatch away the enemy. Only it wouldn’t be a problem if that happened. Ye Xiu alone was enough to deal with a Midnight Phantom Cat.

In the end, Sleeping Moon’s ability burst forth. His sword timing was quite precise and sliced down just as the Midnight Phantom Cat missed hitting thin air. Moreover, he quickly executed a roll to avoid the Phantom Cat’s pounce, saving a Heal from the already prepared Lord Grim.

Although the Midnight Phantom Cat missed, it reacted extremely quickly. It turned over its body and scratched again with its claw. Sleeping Moon erected his sword blade to block it. “Dong!” The sword knocked against the Cat’s claw and Sleeping Moon slid back half a step. He immediately raised his sword ready to attack again.

Beautiful! Ye Xiu couldn’t help but praise him. Sleeping Moon had used the Blade Master skill Block with perfect timing. His counterattack wasn’t the least bit sloppy either. Although his leading skills were superb, he hadn’t expected this. Did he make an error in judging him? This Sleeping Moon’s skill was above his expectations!

Sleeping Moon knocked back the Phantom Cat and followed up with an earth-shattering thrust. Afterwards, he pounced at it and chopped down with a dark-violet sword light. This combo made everyone cheer loudly. Sleeping Moon didn’t give it time to recover and slashed twice in quick succession. He shouted: “Slaughter it.”

The three team members were already prepared. They immediately brandished their weapons and unleashed all of the skills they had learned. Sleeping Moon no longer needed to dodge left and right and mixed in with the others. Reliant on Lord Grim’s healing, they trapped the Midnight Phantom Cat into a steady position.

The situation looked good. The Midnight Phantom Cat let out cries wave after wave. Everyone was extremely happy. Those three new players had already figured out, from Sleeping Moon’s explanation, the value of the hidden BOSS. Everyone looked forward to the Midnight Phantom Cat would drop. But Ye Xiu thought differently.

“Red blood. Keep up the healing.” The Midnight Phantom Cat’s life quickly dropped to under 10%. Players all called this status red blood. A lot of BOSSes will have a few new patterns when they reach red blood. Green Forest was only a newbie dungeon. BOSSes didn’t have any special abilities, but the Midnight Phantom Cat was different because it was a hidden BOSS. It wouldn’t be one if it didn’t have any special abilities.

But Midnight Phantom Cat’s transformation was relatively simple. It went berserk letting its attack speed and damage increase. Thus, the pressure for healing also increased during this period.

Ye Xiu guessed that with Sleeping Moon’s skill, if he dodged a bit, killing it wouldn’t be that hard. Who would have guessed that this guy would continue to directly fight the Midnight Phantom Cat? Moreover, his counterattacks looked a bit held back.

“No mana?” Ye Xiu sweeped across the party panel. It clearly wasn’t the problem. Then this Sleeping Moon’s sudden change to not trying now confirmed his prior thoughts. Just when Ye Xiu was about to warn them, he heard Sleeping Moon shout: “F*CK! OT[1]!!”

1 Off Tank – aggro goes off Main Tank and onto other party members

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