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Chapter 19 – Emperor (4)

Chapter 19 – Emperor (4)

“Rhythm……. Rhythm……” Seven Fields and the others recited the word until their minds were about to break. In front of their eyes wasn’t the Spider Emperor nor an attack target, only when to use their skill.

After another successful round after another, the four players felt happy. Had they finally grasped it? Although they couldn’t say what the feeling was, but it felt like it was right and began instinctively releasing their skills at the right time.

Ye Xiu at this time also didn’t have the skill to take care of them anymore. After saying a “Go! Go! Go!”, he coiled around the Spider Emperor taking down the small spiders.

Hitting left and right without ever failing, the small spiders were killed. Currently, only Ye Xiu could do this. Although there were other players that had this level of skill, in the new server, their weapons were still only level 10. They couldn’t kill the small spiders in one hit. If a small spider had to be hit twice to kill, even Ye Xiu wouldn’t be able to completely clear them all.

“Be careful and concentrate! You guys can do it.” Ye Xiu reminded them from time to time. He clearly knew that it was easy to grow numb from doing this sort of repeated robotic action. If their minds wandered for a bit, then a tragedy would appear.

Seven Fields didn’t let their minds go astray. They fixed their attention on their brother’s actions. They didn’t have to time to worry about what Lord Grim was doing even though they clearly knew that clearing the small spiders was much more difficult. In addition, a single mistake would cause them to all die too.

The Spider Emperor’s life had already dropped to half.

Seven Fields repeatedly did the same action and the rhythm was fast too. He felt that his fingers had turned a little rigid. They all began to doubt whether they could still continue to press on. Seven Fields boldly gave some attention to Lord Grim’s situation.

Lord Grim was currently flying around everywhere. The Spider Emperor had already begun to lay six eggs at once!

Six spider eggs. After breaking open their shell, without any reason, would randomly choose a target to pounce on. Lord Grim’s battle lance was jet-black. Only the tip of the umbrella had a small glint of light. With a wave and a flash of cold light, the battle lance stabbed through the small spider, which shrieked and died on the spot.

“Not good!!” Seven Field’s heart dropped. He saw, from the corner of his eye, a small spider had quickly flew towards Sunset Clouds. But Lord Grim’s distance was too far, it didn’t look like he would make it in time.

In the end, he only heard a “bang” echo and that small spider burst into flames, exploding into small pieces.

“What happened?” Seven Fields said in a flurry. It was good that he still hadn’t forgotten his task. He attacks were still on point.

“It seems as if it had been hit by a gun.” Seven Fields thought. But at that time he had only seen the small spider, he hadn’t payed attention to Lord Grim’s movements. Thinking about that long-ranged initiation, he confirmed that this player also brought a different class’s weapon with him.

Seven Fields now felt reassured, but when he looked at his brothers, he saw that they were all concentrated solely on their task at hand. Their heads hadn’t even turned once. Seven Fields suddenly discovered, that during this moment of distraction, his weariness and nervousness decreased by quite a bit.

But at this moment, Seven Fields didn’t dare tell his brothers about this experience. If everyone became distracted for a bit, who knew what would happen?

“I hope that there won’t be any accidents……” Seven Fields silently thought in his heart.

But at this moment, Sleeping Moon felt as if his limit had almost been reached. Both hands were extremely stiff and it seemed like they had lost all flexibility. He couldn’t even tell whether he had completed his action when each round passed. His gaze was fixed on the screen. When suddenly, he felt as if the distance between the screen and him widened, and everything on the screen blurred.

Feeling, I have to remember the feeling……

Sleeping Moon kept reminding himself. He was under a lot of pressure and was afraid of making a mistake. He knew that his brothers already had a somewhat bad opinion of him. Even more, he didn’t want Lord Grim to look down on him.

Stand firm! Sleeping Moon clenched his teeth and persevered. In the very beginning, the Spider Emperor’s health seemed to drop so quickly. But why does it feel so slow now? After all this time, why is there still ⅓ left? Can I really persevere until the end?

When Seven Fields became distracted, it let him relax a bit. But when Sleeping Moon became distracted, it only added to his pressure. In the end, it didn’t matter what happened though, the two players hadn’t made any mistakes yet. Their chain-stunning coordination still continued.

Just at this moment, Drifting Water suddenly let out a cry.

He made a mistake!

When they had first started to break in, he was also the slowest to enter the state, unable to grasp the rhythm. After persevering for this long, he had finally made a slip-up. Just like before, he had acted too quickly! Although the Spider Emperor was still stun-locked, after Sleeping Moon went, what then? Because Drifting Water had acted too quickly, Seven Field’s skill would still be on cooldown. He had no other skill to stun the Spider Emperor again.

The four player’s hearts all dropped to a sheet of dead ash. They all hoped that the expert would perform a miracle and rescue them. But in the end, they saw that the Spider Emperor raised its butt and unfortunately, spawned eight eggs at this moment.

It’s over…… The four gave up all hope. After Sleeping Moon used his skill, he could only sorrowfully look at Seven Fields

Seven Fields had no available skills, he had no idea what to do next. After losing control of the Spider Emperor, what should he do? This was an event that he hadn’t foreseen.

“Seven Fields move out of the way!”

In the middle of their despair, a voice ignited their hopes in an instant. Seven Fields immediately moved to the side without the slightest hesitation. A battle lance streaked from the sky. Lord Grim used Dragon Tooth to stab the Spider Emperor.

The Stun status had been mended, but with no one controlling the eight small spiders, they all scattered ready to bite everyone. Everyone was at a loss. They didn’t know whether to continue attacking the Spider Emperor or deal with the small spiders. In the end, they saw that Lord Grim, who had just used Dragon Tooth, moved forward two steps. The battle lance in his hand unexpectedly split into two parts. With each hand holding a different part, both arms stretched forward and held back the Spider Emperor.

“Hmph!” Lord Grim lifted both his arms. Taking advantage of the Spider Emperor raising his head, he flipped backwards. With an Iron Bridge, he toppled the Spider Emperor onto its back.

Grappler skill: Back Throw.

This skill not only did damage to the target, but also created a small-scale ripple damaging monsters in its radius. Lord Grim’s Back Throw had created a ripple at just the right spot hitting all eight spiders. The small spiders all flipped over and bounced up. With a crashing sound, they all turned into corpses.

“Seven Fields!” Ye Xiu yelled. Seven Fields had been prepared. He immediately kicked it and the Spider Emperor continued to be in a Stunned state.

“Everyone be careful. I can’t rescue you guys all the time.” Ye Xiu said.

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