The Divine Martial Stars

Chapter 862 - The Temple of Blood

Chapter 862 - The Temple of Blood

Li Mu felt as if a nuclear bomb had exploded in his head, and his mind suddenly went blank!

“The divine jade statue is shedding tears!

“How could a piece of stone cry?

“That’s impossible!

“It’s clearly a living being.”

When Li Mu saw the teardrop, he also found that the pair of tearful eyes were so bright and clear, and they were as pure and innocent as those of a baby, but there was a touch of shame, indignation, and despair in them!

He met the eyes of the divine jade statue for only a fraction of a second. In a trance, he vaguely saw a small, despicable figure in the fairy’s pupils.

That was himself!

All of a sudden, he felt ashamed!

He was shocked!

For a moment, he couldn’t even raise his head!

He was extremely ashamed.

“I’m sorry!”

He took out some clothes and covered the naked back of the fairy made of divine jade.

He felt like a basin of cold water had been poured over his body, and all his desires vanished like melting ice. Feeling guilty, he placed the other six divine jade statues neatly in the carriage in a respectful manner and began to treat them as living beings instead of cold stone statues!


Now, he no longer believed the bullshit that the people of the Rain Clan told him.

“They are definitely not just statutes made of natural jade. They’re simply living beings!”

“I’m so sorry. I have to apologize to you!

“I don’t know why you appeared under that huge peach tree. Maybe that place is your home, but that peach tree has been exposed to the eyes of evil people. If I were to send you back, you would surely fall into the dirty hands of the disciples of the Rain Clan!

“However, I don’t know what to do about you if I don’t send you back. I’ve thought for a long time and found that the only thing that I can do is to find a relatively secluded and safe place in the immortal palace and hide you there!

“That’s all I can do. I hope that helps!”

Li Mu apologized to the fairies in the Seven Divine Jades for his evil desire and bowed deeply to them!

What he did was not a show!

He did that with great sincerity!

The old faker once said that besides difficulties and tribulations, martial arts practitioners would face all kinds of temptation on the way of martial arts practice.

It was very important to stay true to the Taoist mindset in the face of temptation!

The old faker said those words in a very serious manner!

If there was any flaw in one’s Taoist mindset, he would immediately go astray and lose all the Taoist power in the event of any Heavenly Tribulation no matter how powerful he was or how high his cultivation level was!

Today, if Li Mu obtained the divine energy in the divine jade statues following the practice of those disciples of the Rain Clan, he would probably gain more power, but there would be flaws in his Taoist mindset, and his Taoist foundation would become unstable. Therefore, it would be very likely that he would be taken advantage of by the demons in his heart and those heavenly demons!

He would be easily defeated by his enemies if they came to know his weaknesses and plotted against him!

After making the apology, he suddenly felt enlightened, and his mind was clearer than ever.

What was even more unexpected was that he felt some faint signs of a breakthrough in his practice of the Xiantian Skill, which had hit a bottleneck and been stagnant!

“A single thought can make me a devil!

“A single thought can also make me an immortal!”

Li Mu suddenly realized that!

“As long as I could have one more chance, I would make a breakthrough in the practice of the Xiantian Skill.”

He was very excited.

However, there was something that he didn’t notice. After he apologized, the seven beautiful fairies made of divine jade looked gentler, especially the one that shed tears with a look of grief and indignation in the eyes a few moments ago, and there was even a hint of gratitude in the depths of her eyes now!

He drove the bronze war chariot at a gallop.

He carefully selected the route.

Suddenly, he sensed some terrifying energy waves coming from behind.

“That’s too bad! They’re the people of the Rain Clan!”

Li Mu’s face changed.

The cultivation methods of the six major Divine Clans of the Celestial Court were very special and had unique characteristics. For this reason, Li Mu could immediately tell the origin of those energy waves.

Obviously, they were coming straight at him.

What he was most worried about had finally come!

“I’ve got to get out of here!”

He knew that danger was coming, and the situation was precarious.

The energy waves came from masters in the Deity Realm. Li Mu was afraid that the lord of the Rain Clan was coming, and he was aware that he could not fight the latter head-on, nor could he use the immortal wine in the wine pot. If he were caught, he would definitely die!

Escaping was his only option!

He drove the bronze chariot to travel at full speed like a golden ball of light!

The chasers were just several thousand meters behind him.

The lord of the Rain Clan and several elders were chasing after him as fast as lightning.

“No matter what we’ve got to do, we can’t let that little bastard get away this time. There must be someone pulling the strings behind the scenes. We have to find out who it is!”

The lord of the Rain Clan had a murderous, determined look on his face.

The several elders in the Deity Realm following behind him looked solemn and murderous. They rushed forward at full speed with all their strength.

Obviously, they were very familiar with all the routes in the immortal palace. They avoided all the dangerous areas and moved very fast without any delay along the way.

“Damn it. Why do they hate me so much?”

Li Mu was angry and anxious.

“I just killed two elders of the Rain Clan at the elementary level of the Deity Realm, but they are in no way good people because they’ve even killed the disciples of their own clan. By killing them, I’ve actually helped the Rain Clan remove its malignant tumors. Why do the lord and other elders of the Rain Clan have to hunt me down instead of searching for opportunities and treasures in the immortal palace?

“They’re throwing away watermelons for picking up sesame seeds, aren’t they?

“You should stop chasing me and start searching for treasures!”

Li Mu went all out to escape.

However, the energy waves coming from behind him were getting closer to him. Finding that they were less than one hundred meters away from him, he was flustered.

“When our roles are swapped, I will surely hunt you bastards down.”

As he cursed, he took out the Escape Talisman that he took from the elder of the Rain Clan, bit the tip of his tongue, spat out a mouthful of blood essence, and activated the ancient talisman that could teleport him through all the barriers.


A ball of blue light appeared, enveloped Li Mu and the bronze chariot, and broke through the void barrier!

Almost at the same time…

The lord and several elders of the Rain Clan flitted past the spot where Li Mu had disappeared.

“Hmm? That beam of light…”

“It’s a little like the Barrier-breaking Runic Light, isn’t it?”

“What’s going on? Did someone escape just now?”

“Don’t worry about that. The escaper is probably just a nobody. Let’s get moving. Don’t let that troublemaker named Wang Yanyi escape!”

The lord and elders of the Rain Clan were determined to win. They chased after their target desperately.

Ten thousand meters away…

Wang Yanyi, the God of Sword from the Ziwei Star Zone, stood leisurely by an abandoned immortal spring shrouded in mist, carrying two long swords on his back.

He gently and rhythmically tapped his fingers against the broken white marble railing, perfectly relaxed, as if he were waiting for something to happen!

The sound of water splashing rang out.

A white stone statue collapsed and fell in the pool.

Green duckweeds like green jade plates were floating on the water surface covered in the milky white mist!

“Are they finally here? He-he, the people of the Rain Clan move so slowly!”

Wang Yanyi smiled with killing intent in his eyes!

“It’s great that you’re here!

“We should really settle some matters properly now!”

“What is this place?”

Li Mu looked confused after he was teleported by the Escape Talisman.

It was dark, and there seemed to be a smell of blood in the air.

A pungent smell of blood assailed Li Mu’s nostrils and almost made him throw up!

“It’s incredible.”

He thought to himself. After all, he had gone through mountains of corpses and seas of blood, fought countless fierce life-and-death battles, and seen all kinds of bloody scenes. Now, however, he felt as if even his soul was trembling!

Plink! Plink!

He heard the strange, faint sound of water dripping around him.

“This should be the space inside a giant palace.”

It was gloomy and dark.

“Help! Help me…”

A faint sound came from the depths of the darkness.

Li Mu felt something wet under his feet.

He snapped his fingers, and a ball of flame appeared at the tip of his finger.

“It’s blood.”

There was a pool of blood, almost drowning his ankle.

“Where is this place?”

He was extremely vigilant.

He got rid of the blood stains and drove the chariot deeper into the darkness.

He didn’t notice that at almost the same time, the seven fairies of divine jade in the carriage moved their necks slightly and fixed their beautiful eyes on his back!

Suddenly, he heard footsteps ahead.

He also heard the strange sound of iron rubbing against the ground.

“Help! Help me! I don’t want to die…”

The weak voice that he heard just now rang out again in the darkness.


He flicked his fingers.

The ball of flame shot out from his fingertip and broke a stone wall in front of him.

The flame illuminated two faces behind the wall.

A young face full of bloodstains, half-submerged in the blood on the ground, was distorted by sharp pain. His scapulae were pierced through by iron hooks, and he was lying on the ground, covered in blood!

Li Mu didn’t know this young man!

However, he recognized the other face.

It was a devilishly handsome face, and its owner had long green hair.

There was an indescribable look of surprise on the face.

The person was Yu Jingfeng, the successor of the Wind Clan.

“Li Mu? You… Why are you here?”

Yu Jingfeng was not less shocked than Li Mu.

Li Mu reacted very quickly.

Without saying a word, he pulled out his Four-Blade God Killing Broadsword. The Broadsword Intent was strong, and a beam of broadsword light swept toward Yu Jingfeng like an avalanche on the top of a mountain!


Yu Jingfeng hurriedly made a counterattack, but he was at a disadvantage!

The broadsword flashed, and white light engulfed Yu Jingfeng like raging waves.

He attempted to draw his sword several times, but he couldn’t find the right time.

When top masters faced off against each other, they had to take the first opportunity as soon as possible.

One step late meant every step behind!

Yu Jingfeng had no choice but to keep stepping back!

Li Mu’s thought was very simple. He just wanted to control Yu Jingfeng, take the latter hostage as soon as possible, and then ask his questions.

He had reason to believe that Yu Jingfeng was not alone here, and the “old monsters” of the Wind Clan might be lurking and plotting in the dark.

Even the two elders of the Rain Clan dared to attack Li Mu in spite of the old faker’s support for him, so the people of the Wind Clan were definitely not less courageous than those of the Rain Clan.

Moreover, the old faker and Li Mu became sworn enemies with the Wind Clan at the previous session of Immortal-Devil Assembly. Under such circumstances, for Li Mu, encountering the people of the Wind Clan was no different from meeting his death.

Clang! Clang! Clang!

Sparks splashed like bright, beautiful fireworks in the dark when the broadsword and sword collided with each other.

The flickering light made the atmosphere inside this palace even more mysterious and gloomy.

Li Mu heaved a sigh.

He knew he had rushed it and couldn’t defeat Yu Jingfeng right away.

This successor of the Wind Clan was truly powerful.

Therefore, Li Mu decided to retreat quickly.

He rescued the young man who had almost been tortured to death, jumped into the carriage carrying the young man, and drove the war chariot to escape. The chariot smashed countless stone walls. Smoke and dust rose into the air amidst the sound of rocks collapsing.

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