Sweet Beauty

Chapter 609 Do You Receive The Invitation

Chapter 609 Do You Receive The Invitation

  Closing the invitation, Qin Yu immediately said. "I want to be the bridesmaid! Auntie, you must make me a bridesmaid!"

  "After I received the cards, the first person I thought of was you. I want to ask you to be my bridesmaid." Liang Zixuan said with a smile.

  Qin Yu immediately blossomed with joy. She hugged Liang Zixuan and kissed her cheek. "I know you always think the best for me. You always think of me first. Don't worry, I will definitely be a good bridesmaid."

  They did not speak for long before Liang Jiahao opened the door and entered the house with Han Yuanjun.

  Qin Yu smiled at Liang Jiahao. "Xiao Liang, I'm going to be the bridesmaid at aunt's wedding!"

  Liang Jiahao's eyes darkened as he looked at Han Yuanjun beside him.

  Han Yuanjun immediately put down the plastic bag in his hand and took out the invitation card from the pocket of his suit. He held the card with both hands. "Big brother, I would like to invite you to be my best man at my wedding with Zixuan."

  Liang Jiahao accepted the invitation. When he opened it, he saw the names of Han Yuanjun and Liang Zixuan framed by a large heart. A sudden look of tenderness appeared in his eyes.

  Liang Jiahao glanced at Han Yuanjun and when he saw Han Yuanjun was looking at him sincerely, he nodded, "All right."

  "Haha..." Han Yuanjun raised his hand, put it around Liang Jiahao's shoulders, and whispered, "As long as you are here, I'm not afraid of any trouble from the bride's side. When the time comes, you must help me kick open the door."

  Liang Jiahao: "..."

  Had Han Yuanjun intentionally made Liang Jiahao his best man because he wanted to use him to sweep away all the obstacles?

  Liang Jiahao pushed Han Yuanjun's hand away and said with a sullen face. "I forgot, I'm from Zixuan's family, so I can't be your best man."

  "Why not?" Han Yuanjun bent down, picked up the plastic bag on the ground, and followed Liang Jiahao. "Big brother, you have to help me with this!"

  By hook or by crook, Liang Jiahao had to be his best man. Otherwise, what if Liang Jiahao sided with the bride's side and allied with them to make things difficult for him?

  Finally, Han Yuanjun had no choice but to whisper in Liang Jiahao's ear. "Big brother, you and Qin Yu have a long time to live. In the future, you will need my help with many things! This time, you help me. In the future, I will go through the fire to help you. What do you say?"

  Liang Jiahao raised his eyebrow. "Deal!"

  While Liang Zixuan was happily sending out the invitations, Wei Xiaoqing was also happy to see that the workers she had hired had already prepared the construction of the second building.

  When the financial manager saw that Wei Xiaoqing was in such a hurry to start the construction, he said anxiously, "President Wei, President Fang has just signed a contract and only paid a deposit of 100,000. He still hasn't paid the full amount yet and you have already started the second building. Aren't you in too much of a hurry?"

  People get excited when they see a happy occasion.

  Ever since Wei Xiaoqing had signed the contract with Fang Yimu, her spirits had improved a lot. She raised her head and said impatiently, "Why are you so anxious? As long as we start construction earlier, we can sign the contract with President Tang in two months. With the money in front of us, why should I not be in a hurry?"

  The financial manager shook his head, his heart filled with helplessness. He had the impression that Wei Xiaoqing was even more rushed than Wei Guowei.

  The main thing was that she did not listen to advice.

  "President Wei, we have invested more than half of our money in the first building. If we go ahead with the second building even before we earn any money, do you know how big the damage will be? What if President Fang and President Tang suddenly change their minds?"

  "Do I need you to tell me what to do?" Wei Xiaoqing slammed her hands on the table loudly, her whole body filled with a sense of hostility as she shouted, "If it weren't for the fact that you are the company's old employees, I would have killed you a long time ago! How dared you tried to teach me a lesson!"

  The financial manager shook his head in frustration. "President Wei, when the former President Wei was here, he always took one step at a time. Only when we get the money will he start the new investments. If you continue being like this, there's a good chance that our company will go bankrupt!"

  "Shut up!" Wei Xiaoqing could no longer control her temper. She grabbed the pen holder and threw it at the manager's face. "You really missed that bastard, huh? Then why don't you go and accompany him to the prison! Let me tell you, if you want to keep your job, then do what I say. If you don't want to, then you can submit your resignation letter now. I don't need people like you to teach me a lesson!"

  The financial manager had done so much for this company, but what he got in the end was this.

  If it wasn't for the car loan and the need to provide for his wife and children, he would have quit already!

  He gave Wei Xiaoqing one last disappointed look before leaving the office.

  The company only had so much money in its account. If they started to invest without earning anything, it would be too late to save the company if something bad happened.

  When Wei Xiaoqing saw that the financial manager had left, she sighed dejectedly. How could she not understand what he was trying to say?

  Fang Yimu and Tang Bai had made it clear that they hoped the new building would take no more than six months to complete, and since Fang Yimu had already signed the contract and made the down payment, the final payment would be made in one go after the loan was approved. This was equivalent to putting the money in front of her eyes, so how could she not be in a hurry?

  Wei Xiaoqing was still a little worried, so she called Fang Yimu.

  She didn't dare to say that she was worried that Tang Bai wouldn't sign the contract, but just casually chatted with him. In the end, Fang Yimu invited her out for a meal to discuss this.

  • • • •

  In KTV's private room, Fang Yimu and Tang Bai were talking with wine glasses in their hands. "Have you heard about the wedding ceremony between Han Yuanjun and Liang Zixuan?"

  "Of course I have. This news has been spreading around the business world right now. All the important big shots will attend the wedding." Fang Yimu took out the invitation from his inside pocket and waved it in front of Tang Bai's eyes. "I have already received the invitation. Old Tang, do you have it too?"

  Tang Bai looked at Fang Yimu's invitation card and took out his own invitation with a smile. "If you have it, I'm sure have it too!"

  Wei Xiaoqing, who was sitting at the side, watched the two men flaunt the invitation cards in their hands. She felt upset.

  She hadn't even received an invitation, yet two strangers who had nothing to do with her family were bragging about it in front of her. How could she not be angry?

  With a dark face, she picked up her wine glass and took a sip.

  Fang Yimu suddenly turned his attention to Wei Xiaoqing and asked with a smile. "President Wei, I remember that Liang Zixuan is your sister. Do you receive the invitation?"

  Wei Xiaoqing put down her glass and smiled awkwardly. "Why would she need to send an invitation to a family? Just a verbal notification already enough."

  Fang Yimu asked in confusion as if he did not understand. "Verbal notification? I heard that you are not allowed to enter the venue without an invitation. President Wei, do you think they forgot about you?"

  Wei Xiaoqing brushed her hair behind her ear and smiled at Fang Yimu, but in her heart, she cursed him ten thousand times. She said, "I haven't received it yet. She will send it when she is free."

  "Oh, so that's how it is." Fang Yimu laughed and clinked glasses with Tang Bai. After drinking a mouthful of wine, Fang Yimu said, "President Wei, you should seize this opportunity well. The people present are all rich and influential businessmen. If you go, you will get to know a lot of people. Our business circle is so big, if you know one or two more people, you won't have to worry about selling your houses later."

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