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Chapter 720 - Battle Deployment

Chapter 720: Battle Deployment

Just as Zhang Kaixuan was looking into the distance vigilantly, a solemn-looking man in a combat uniform with a gloomy expression suddenly walked in from outside.

Before Zhang Kaixuan could look up, he saw an anxious alarm suddenly explode on the radar!

In the next second, dozens of red dots appeared on the radar detector!

These red lights represented extremely threatening missiles. Once they arrived at the territory, they would cause huge casualties!

“Not good! There’s danger. Immediately activate the first-level defense system and intercept as much as possible!”

The combat staff walked in together from the door. They had solemn expressions and were wearing the uniform of the combat division, waiting for orders!

At the same time, Zhang Kaixuan also said solemnly, “Listen to my order!”

“Team One, immediately lead ten combatants and fly into the sky to shoot down the enemy!”


In the blink of an eye, the group immediately walked out and prepared to drive the fighter plane to begin the battle!

Zhang Kaixuan returned to the combat command center and activated the first-level defense system. He would send projectiles to intercept the incoming missiles

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Ten thousand meters in the sky, countless missiles smashed down like raindrops!

However, the special combat missiles of the European Union could actually prevent radar detection. Even if the first-level intercept system was activated, it was still unable to stop the bombardment!

Zhang Kaixuan’s temples throbbed violently as he watched countless missiles rain down. Their expressions instantly changed drastically!

In the coastal city…

Seeing that he was about to be blasted into ruins by these missiles, Zhang Kaixuan could only watch helplessly. There was nothing he could do!

Zhang Kaixuan’s face was filled with fear. He tried his best to activate his defensive measures, but he was still helpless!

Seeing that in the distance, the land was constantly bombarded by missiles and was burning with large amounts of flames, Zhang Kaixuan’s suddenly became extremely shocked!

He looked into the distance in shock, and his entire body began to tremble violently. He gritted his teeth tightly, not daring to believe what he was seeing. Even his breathing quickened!

The painful cries of countless citizens sounded like a curse that entered his ears, making him unable to breathe!

All of this was caused by the despicable European Union. If he could not stop this disaster as soon as possible, what they would face in the future would be destruction!

Just as Zhang Kaixuan was feeling worried, the dozen or so fighter pilots he had sent out just now had already flown 10,000 meters into the sky!

Their faces were filled with determination and determination!

The group of people formed a ten-person suicide team in order to protect peace and reignite hope!

In the next second, countless fighter planes roared and flew 10,000 meters into the sky. Their faces were filled with incomparable determination, as if they were about to start this battle in the next second!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The sound of missiles falling from the sky instantly exploded around them. Zhang Kaixuan picked up the walkie-talkie and began to command the battle!

At the same time, after seeing this group of people counterattack, a cold smile appeared on the corners of Jonathan and the others!

“Hehe, this group of people actually dares to counterattack. Do you think our missiles didn’t hit their heads hard enough?”

A dark expression appeared on Jonathan’s face. He suppressed the anger in his heart and immediately said coldly, his eyes filled with displeasure, “Harder!”

“No matter what, we have to snatch the black iron today!”

“Yes, Captain!”

Mike and Celine immediately controlled their attacks. They increased the strength of their attacks, looking as if they wanted to bomb the entire place into pieces!

Of course, Zhang Kaixuan was not to be trifled with. He immediately ordered his men to use their strongest defensive measures to stop these missiles!

In the next moment, countless missiles roared and rushed into the sky 10,000 meters high. Immediately after, countless missiles exploded 10,000 meters in the sky!


A huge explosion instantly sounded in the entire sky. In the next moment, the airflow that exploded in the entire sky kept trembling!

The violent airflow caused the invisible fighter plane the three of them were riding to tremble violently!

The three of them finally stabilized their minds. In anger, Jonathan suddenly controlled the plane and increased his attack!

Under the bombardment of countless missiles, more than half of the original combat defense team was immediately destroyed!


Jonathan looked at the burning ground, and an incomparably excited expression suddenly appeared on his face!

He immediately clapped his hands, his face filled with excitement. Then, he stood up and said to the two of them, “Let’s go and snatch the black iron now. After we succeed, we’ll immediately fly back!”

With an order, the two of them immediately began to prepare!

Seeing the invisible fighter plane fly over and arrive above the sea, Zhang Kaixuan’s heart immediately skipped a beat when he saw where the invisible fighter plane was flying towards!

Their goal was actually black iron!

If this group of people snatched the most precious treasure of the black iron, there would be extreme danger!

At that time, if these black iron were made into weapons that were used to attack their land, the situation they faced would become dangerous!

When they realized this, their expressions immediately became incomparably frightened!

They wanted to stop them, but it was already too late. Their current combat level was not as powerful as this group of people. Seeing that the other party was about to steal the black iron, Zhang Kaixuan was helpless!

“Continue chasing!”

Zhang Kaixuan slammed the table angrily. Just as he was about to give the order, he realized that their combat deployment team had suffered heavy losses!

Now, they could not even send a group of people to pursue and provide support!

This group of people could only watch helplessly as the European Union’s invisible fighter plane quickly left this place!

“Damn it!”

Zhang Kaixuan’s head was buzzing!

But now, there was nothing he could do. He could only stare in the direction of the combat strength leaving with hatred as tears fell from his eyes!

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