Song of Adolescence

Chapter 416 The Game Collapses

Chapter 416 The Game Collapses

Lihe Street.

The two Brave Tiger Guards raised their heads.

Xiao Se and Lei Wujie were both stunned.

The two men in front of them were indeed not Brave Tiger Guards, but they were also not the people they thought they were.

"Ling Jun." Lei Wujie frowned at the two. "Bo Yong."

Ling Jun and Bo Yong grinned and stood apart. Ling Jun looked around them. "Just the two of you?"

Lei Wujie nodded. "Yup, just us. We thought you would make a feint through Chengfang Street, and then secretly enter the palace through Lihe Street. But it looks like our guess was wrong?"

"The question is, why are you the only ones who guessed wrong?" Ling Jun sighed. "I thought there would be more enemies here."

"Back to Chengfang Street." Xiao Se turned his head.

However, the sound of swords being drawn sounded from behind him.

"Although our martial arts are not that strong, since we're here, we have to carry out our task." Ling Jun sighed.

"I don't want to fight with you. We shouldn't be enemies," Lei Wujie said. "I even thought that we were on the same side."

Ling Jun nodded. "We're not enemies at all, but in this matter, our positions are different after all. Today, I can only do my best. I hope we can at least delay you two for a moment. We must obey our teacher. Sorry about this."

Lei Wujie exchanged a glance with Xiao Se, then quietly drew out his Heart sword.

Jin Xian, who had broken out of the siege, drove his horse forward fervently. The Brave Tiger Guards had already helped him to stop all the enemies behind him so now, he only had to reach the imperial palace as soon as possible.

However, at the end of the long Chengfang Street, a man in a purple python robe appeared.

At the end of the street, Grand Eunuch Jin Xuan walked slowly to the middle and flung out his sleeves. He shouted once, "Jin Xian!"

Jin Xian stopped the horse, sighed softly, and dismounted. Slowly, he remarked, "You came, after all."

"You used all sorts of tricks to bluff me into thinking that you substituted Jin Yan with someone else and let him escape through Lihe Street. You can fool Xiao Se and the others, but you can't fool me." Jin Xuan smiled and looked at Jin Xian. "Because you forgot, we're real martial brothers from the same sect. I know you better than anyone else."

Jin Xian drew out his Snowstorm sword and remained silent.

"Actually, I didn't need to follow Jin Yan at all. I just need to follow you. Because of your character, you will not give up Jin Yan at this point and allow someone else to protect him." Jin Xuan pointed a finger at Jin Xian. "Because you only trust yourself."

"Are the two of us brothers really going to fight here today?" Jin Xian asked.

Jin Xuan smiled coldly. "Release the person in the carriage, return to your Court of State Ceremonial, then I can pretend nothing happened here."

"Really?" Jin Xian walked forward step by step. "But aside from Jin Yan's business, I believe I must draw my sword against you for something else."

Jin Xuan looked at his jade-white finger that was still pointing at the other and smiled faintly. "Then, go ahead and try."

The air instantly became colder.

Jin Xian swung his sword, the frost aura bitingly cold, and almost sent Jin Xuan flying. Jin Xuan waved his long sleeves, pointed only one finger, and pressed down lightly on the Snowstorm sword.

That wave of biting cold frost aura receded by more than half.

The two brushed past each other.

Jin Xian's sword was very cold, but his forehead was beaded with sweat.

Jin Xuan was still standing upright with his hands clasped behind his back, as he looked up at the sky in a relaxed manner.

"Void-Minded Skill," Jin Xian bit off each word.

"Nine points of power." Jin Xuan turned around and said with a smile.

Jin Xian accused angrily, "It was you!"

"It was me!" Jin Xuan's smile vanished instantly and he retorted angrily, "I was the one who killed Jin Yu, but so what? Whoever stands in my way must die. Get out of my way now, and I will let you live."

"I'm going to kill you to avenge Jin Yu," Jin Xian said coldly.

"Can you?" Jin Xuan sneered.

"And me!" In the carriage, that portly figure finally stepped out. He no longer had his usual fake expression. At this moment, his face showed his determination.

Eunuch of Seal, Jin Yan.

"I will join Jin Xian to fight you," Jin Yan spoke each word succinctly.

"How interesting. Oh? Even you can display such a righteous and awe-inspiring look. Is this the Jin Yan I know?" Jin Xuan mocked.

Jin Yan instantly showed that hypocritical smile again, he looked at Jin Xuan. "I'm slick and sly on the outside, but treacherous on the inside. Anyone with eyes can tell. But, the Grand Eunuch's guise is a lot more impressive."

"From the beginning, I told all of you that this time, we can choose," Jin Xuan said. "It's just that you chose wrongly."

"The one going to the palace should go to the palace. The one who's staying here to fight should stay and fight. Why are you talking so much nonsense?" A woman's voice interrupted their conversation and all three looked up to see Ji Xue, her white hair fluttering, as she stood on the roof with her staff.

Jin Xian was taken aback. "Why are you here?"

"Because I made a choice too, and I chose correctly." Ji Xue jumped from the eaves, and landed beside Jin Yan. She patted Jin Yan's shoulder and said, "Fatty, run. Run for the palace as fast as you can. Leave the rest to us."

"We meet again. The first time I saw you, I didn't make the connection but now I can confirm, you are Ji Ruofeng's daughter." Jin Xuan looked at her with interest.

"What does the Grand Eunuch wish to say?" Ji Xue asked.

"How is your father?" Jin Xuan asked again.

"Almost dead, just like you." Ji Xue stepped forward and rushed at Jin Xuan. She rotated the Cloud Rising Staff in her hand, and aimed it at Jin Xuan.

Jin Xian also moved at the same time, and the cold light reappeared on the Snowstorm sword.

Jin Xuan waved his long sleeves, and actually rolled up the Cloud Raising Staff and Snowstorm sword into his sleeves!

"Run!" Jin Xian roared.

Jin Yan hesitated another moment, then he turned around and sprinted in the direction of the imperial palace.

"Is it really that important to save a shidi who's not even from the same sect?" Jin Xuan shook his head.

"Then, is it not important to atone for killing a shidi from the same sect!" Jin Xian pulled out the Snowstorm sword and stabbed at Jin Xuan.

On this night that was doomed to be filled with unrest, some people were fighting on the long street, some people were pacing restlessly in their own residences. All their true intentions had been laid to bare and everyone had found their own escape route. And there were still some people who had yet to enter the game.

Because once they entered the game, the game would already have collapsed.

Snow Moon City's twelve youths in white had arrived near the imperial palace.

The eight death squad warriors under Long Ye finally drew their blades.

Since there was only one last chance left, they might as well show their most direct and ruthless move.

Meanwhile, in Heavenly Revelations City, in a quiet and peaceful residence.

An elegant noble son dressed in white looked at the letter in his hand. Then, he placed the letter into the candle flame and watched it burn to ashes.

After a long silence, he turned around and bowed to the swordsman before him. "Please help."

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