Reborn into Naruto World with Tenseigan

Chapter 450: A state of desperation

Chapter 450: A state of desperation

After becoming the Jinchuriki of Juubi, Madara with a single Rinnegan could survive against Might Guy who had opened all eight gates; and even if injured to such an extent he still managed to recover.

So, at that point, Madara was obviously invincible.

But Black Zetsu was able to subdue that invincible Madara, even if we take into account the element of sneak attack, the mere fact that Black Zetsu had the power to threaten Rikudo Sennin level powerhouses means that Black Zetsu can never be underestimated.

So the next thing that Kuroto has doubts about at the moment is, how much of Kaguya’s Chakra still remains within Black Zetsu, and how many times can he make attacks of the level he used against Madara?

If there is only one time, then Kuroto can rest assured against Black Zetsu, because Black Zetsu’s threat will be small as he will definitely not waste it upon Kuroto, no matter what happens, he will only use it on the Jinchuriki of Juubi for reviving Kaguya at the most critical time.

But if he can use such an attack twice, or maybe three times, or perhaps even more times, then the threat of Black Zetsu is perhaps no inferior to Nagato and Obito. Black Zetsu is the entity that Kuroto and the rest of the members of Amatsukami will have to be extremely careful against.

‘Sigh, I must calm myself.’ Thought Kuroto then looked at Shisui and Itachi, and asked, “What do the two of you think about the message left by Rikudo Sennin?”

Itachi said seriously, “Genjutsu is Genjutsu, no matter how one describes it, and what’s false will remain false until the very end. I don’t know what Rikudo Sennin thought while leaving such a message for us Uchiha, but I do not think that the Infinite Tsukuyomi can save the Uchiha Clan or bring peace to the Shinobi World.”

Undoubtedly, Itachi who possesses Tsukuyomi do not agree with Project Tsuki no Me, even if it is something proposed by Rikudo Sennin, himself.

This is because Itachi knows better than anyone that ‘Infinite Tsukuyomi’ is an artificially created Genjutsu world working as per the wishes of the creator, if the world itself is artificially created, which means if the world itself is a false one, then how can it bring true peace? The peace brought by Infinite Tsukuyomi will be false peace as well.

Shisui also shook his head immediately, “The peace on the Stone Tablet is directed by manipulating the entire humankind, such peace which is brought forth at the cost of everyone except for the caster being manipulated can not be true peace, it’s just a Genjutsu and it won’t change the reality no matter how one might try to glorify this sickening truth.”

Shisui who has the Kotoamatsukami as his Mangekyou Sharingan Dojutsu understands better than anyone that manipulating others won’t bring true peace. Kotoamatsukami allows Shisui to manipulate anyone, anytime, anywhere as per his own whim at the mere cost of some Chakra, and precisely because of this Shisui is very resistant to the idea of Infinite Tsukuyomi, after all, when one person is being manipulated by the other, then they are not even on an equal footing, nor do they understand each other, because people who really understand each other do not need to rely on a Genjutsu to see through other person’s reality.

“If both of you realize and understand this fact, then I am relieved.” Kuroto was indeed relieved. Although, he believed that neither Shisui nor Itachi will be confused by the idea of Project Tsuki no Me, or ‘Infinite Tsukuyomi’ but he was indeed somewhat worried, and now that he has heard their individual opinion on Infinite Tsukuyomi, he was very much relieved.

Immediately, Kuroto can’t help but snicker a little, ‘Oh the Irony.’

Neither Madara nor Obito possesses a Genjutsu type Dojutsu, nor are they Genjutsu type by nature, of course, they may be extremely proficient in Genjutsu, but Genjutsu is not their specialty, and both of them were confused by the Project Tsuki no Me and wanted to reflect the light on the moon to cover the entire world in a Genjutsu. They thought Project Tsuki no Me to be the only method to save the world and bring peace to this war-torn world.

On the other hand, Shisui and Itachi are both the Genjutsu type, perhaps being the two best Genjutsu masters in the entire Shinobi World including the past, present, and perhaps even the future. And despite their Genjutsu mastery, neither of the two is confused by Project Tsuki no Me and understood that such a peace can never be considered true peace.

‘Ironic indeed.’ – Thought Kuroto, then did not care about the Stone Tablet at all, rather he focused on the objective at hand, and asked Itachi, “Where are the Ancient Scrolls?”

Itachi nodded and immediately opened a secret compartment hidden in the wall, and took out a delicate box containing several scrolls and a few books.

The books appeared quite old, with yellow pages, clearly indicating how old they are giving Kuroto a bit of expectation and hope that he might be able to find what he is looking for in them.

Sitting in a Seiza position, Kuroto, Shisui, and Itachi immediately started to go through these books and scrolls in search of information related to what Kuroto was looking for.

First Scroll, second scroll, third scroll, fourth scroll, fifth scroll, sixth scroll, and so on, Kuroto read and read and read in the hopes of finding the information he wanted, but found nothing worth attention. These scrolls and books record the history of the Uchiha Clan, but what these scrolls specifically focus upon are the wars that the Uchiha Clan fought.

In this particular year they defeated that particular Shinobi Clan, these many Uchiha were sacrificed, and while these many enemies they killed, ultimately the Uchiha Clan won the war then this happened.

Then in that particular year, the Uchiha Clan fought against this particular Clan, these many Uchiha were sacrificed, while these many enemies were killed, the war lasted for these many months, and so on and so forth.

There is hardly any useful information recorded in these scrolls, as these scrolls don’t even record the situation and causes of the war and conflicts, so no matter how much Kuroto read through them, he couldn’t find anything worth noting.

‘It seems either the scrolls recording what I want are with the Uchiha Patriarch, and if that’s not the case, then perhaps Madara took away that information with him when he left Konoha.’ Thought Kuroto.

Kuroto is more inclined towards the first option, because if Madara really bothered about such petty things and took away all the important information, then the Uchiha clan wouldn’t have had any information or knowledge about Izanagi and Izanami.

Therefore, what Kuroto is looking for has to be in the hands of the Uchiha Patriarch, but obtaining it from Uchiha Fugaku’s hands is an impossible task as that would most likely leak information about Amatsukami, or Amatsukami’s intentions.

Itachi noted Kuroto’s expression, and said, “Kuroto-san, it doesn’t seem that what we are looking for can be found here.”

Nodding slightly, Kuroto changed his mind and decided to use a different approach, and for that, he turned towards Itachi and asked, “Itachi, if, I mean, IF, both Shisui and I were to die at the hands of Akatsuki or for whatever reasons, and both Konoha and Uchiha Clan are about to be destroyed at the hands of Akatsuki, then what will you do?”

Itachi was startled by such a question that came out of nowhere, but after quickly calming down himself, he thought and tried to imagine it.

Shisui also looked at Itachi curiously, waiting for his answer.

And after a while of thinking, he suddenly asked, “What about Tsukihi-san, Suijin, Fujin, Karin-chan, and Gaara-kun??”

Kuroto was speechless at Itachi’s question, then said, “Of course, Uchiha Tsukihi, Suijin, and Fujin are also dead.”

Itachi immediately shook his head, “Something like this will never happen, I will definitely not be the last one alive.”

“Uhh…” Kuroto was again speechless, ‘This kid.’

“Hahaha…” on the side, even Shisui chuckled a little at Itachi’s response.

Kuroto sighed and said, “Well imagine a situation where all the senior members of Amatsukami, except for you have died. You, Karin, and Gaara are the only ones left in the Amatsukami and you have to bear the responsibility of not only saving the Uchiha Clan and the Village but also defeating the entire Akatsuki Organization as well as stopping their plans, what would you do?”

This time, Itachi had to consider it more seriously, and said, “I will think of ways to increase my personal strength because that’s very important if I want to stop an organization like the Akatsuki, then search for allies with a similar mindset and high-end strength, of course, the alliance with the five great Shinobi Villages would prove to be useful especially when Kazekage-sama and Mizukage-sama are both members of Amatsukami too, maybe I will try to contact Orochimaru-san and convince him to cooperate with me. In short, I would leave no stone unturned to find a method of stopping the Akatsuki.”

“Yes, that’s the intention.” After a slight nod, Kuroto continued, “Think of all the ways you can, and will try to use in such a desperate situation in order to increase your personal strength, jot it down somewhere, and show it to me.”

Kuroto found nothing that would point him towards the two spiritual artifacts namely Totsuka Sword and Yata Mirror, and Kuroto has no idea where they were originally present, not to mention he doesn’t even have enough time to search them all over the continent, so Kuroto can only use this method to search for Totsuka Sword and Yata Mirror.

Kuroto thinks that, since the Totsuka Sword can seal its target even from a long range in a Genjutsu-like ‘World of Drunken Dreams’ for all eternity, it has a very good chance of succeeding in sealing the DMS Obito if used as a surprise attack.

Although Kuroto can’t guarantee it given the fact that Kamui can even be used to transfer Chakra from the Pure land to the Shinobi World or Kaguya’s Dimension, it is still one of the best means that has a high chance of success.

And using Sword of Totsuka is much easier and without any sacrifice when compared to Izanami or the Reaper Death Seal. After all, the price of using one is permanent blindness in one eye, and death for the second option.

Itachi was at a loss upon hearing Kuroto’s words, ‘Has the situation arisen to such a desperate state?’ and he can’t help but wonder.

Obviously, Itachi still doesn’t have much of an idea of how powerful can DMS Obito be, so he is not so sure, but given how serious Kuroto is, even he felt that he needs to consider things very carefully from here on out.

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