Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don't Mess Around!

Chapter 2001 - This Lifetime Is Not In vain

Chapter 2001 This Lifetime Is Not In vain

She had to listen carefully. Otherwise, she would think that all her efforts were in vain. It would be easier to find a powerful backer!

Principal Chen saw that Ye Jian was controlling her anger and nodded in satisfaction.

As a soldier, one could not let one’s emotions fluctuate greatly. After training for so long, if she got angry over a small matter, he had to punish her severely!

“I know why you’re angry. You’re angry because you don’t understand why you’re working so hard if I’m telling you that it’s important to have a backer.

“I want to tell you that the reason why Commander Xia values you and hopes that you can become Captain Xia’s wife is that he recognizes your ability and your potential!

“I’ll tell you this truthfully. If you didn’t have the ability, skills, potential, or a certain level of charisma, Major Xia wouldn’t be attracted to you.

“Who’s Captain Xia? His family is powerful, while he’s outstanding and capable. He’s a young talent! Why would he like a girl who came from the mountains?



“Why does Commander Xia think highly of you? I said it just now. It’s because of your ability, skills, and potential! “Why are you angry? What reason do you have to be angry over this?

“Girl, don’t deny your hard work. It’s because of your hard work that you have such an outstanding boyfriend like Captain Xia today. That’s why you have such an amiable elder like Commander Xia!

“If you were a useless person who was smart but didn’t have a clear goal, you would never have been able to get Captian Xia’s or Commander Xia’s attention!

“If you don’t work hard enough and if you don’t have the ability to make others admire you, how can you gain the favor of others?”

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Principal Chen said with a serious expression. He clearly told Ye Jian that her anger was unnecessary.

The reason why she got Commander Xia as her backer was not because of anything else but just because she was hardworking and outstanding

Ye Jian listened carefully and gradually understood.

Just like today, when she went to the Military Disciplinary Committee building. She didn’t believe that the Military Disciplinary Committee would treat her so well. She didn’t feel like she had come to the capital to cooperate in an investigation but was invited for a chat!

She also understood that the reason why the Military Disciplinary Committee treated her so gently had something to do with Commander Xia.

All along, she had been relying on herself to find the truth. However, as she got closer to the truth, she realized how realistic Grandpa Gen’s words were.

How could she have entered Captain Xia’s world without a strong foundation?

How could she have gained Commander Xia’s attention?

And how could she have shaken a tree with deep roots?

She was glad that she had a chance to live a new life. She was glad that she had listened to Uncle Gen and Uncle Chen’s arrangements and put aside her hatred. She wanted to gain a foothold before she talked about revenge.

She was even more glad that she had met Grandpa Gen, Uncle Chen, Commander Liu, Commissar Yan… Her eyes were not blinded by hatred, and she did not have to live another confused life.

“I understand what you mean. Even with Commander Xia as my backer in the future, I shouldn’t relax. I should work harder so that I won’t disappoint him.”

Ye Jian didn’t give Principal Chen a headache. She understood what he wanted to say to her.

Staring at the elder who cared about her and loved her, Ye Jian said softly, “I won’t embarrass the commander in chief!”

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