Realm of Myths and Legends

Chapter 853: The Secret Realm Trembles, A Hidden Truth Revealed!

Chapter 853: The Secret Realm Trembles, A Hidden Truth Revealed!

The Progenitor of the Sun, Ilioreas—just as his titles suggested, he was capable of summoning forth the power of a sun.

Whether it was light, heat, or even the destructive power contained within a star, Illioreas could display its might on a grand scale. Because of this, despite Kyvernos possessing a more dominant title, in terms of raw destructive power, Illioreas exceeded even Kyvernos himself!

As the intense wave of heat spread throughout the Fourth Heart of the World, the remaining black tentacles attached to Kyvernos started to bubble and burst as if he were being boiled alive.

But, despite the sudden change in atmospheric temperature, those nearby like Astratis felt a gentle warmth encompass them.

Unlike the enemies caught under the influence of his skill, Illioreas allies were provided with protective shielding.

"?!" Kyvernos realized the threat of the small sun in the sky and wasted no time making his move.

Although the sinister aura around him had been severely reduced, it was not at a level one could afford to relax their guard around.


In the blink of an eye, Kyvernos drew in a massive amount of ethos. However, upon doing so, the eroding effect on his body hastened and the damage he received was amplified.

Seeing Kyvernos' actions caused Astratis to visibly frown.

"Does he want to take us down with him? We can not allow that to happen!" Astratis thought to himself as he swiftly leaped into action!

Astratis' Ordinance of Execution, as well as the black blade left by Tal'Nis, were still functioning properly. It was just that Kyvernos ignored the consequences and chose to forcibly absorb ethos regardless of the inevitable self-inflicted injury. This meant that whatever move Kyvernos had planned next would be the deciding factor!

"You wish to defy me until the end? Very well, then—I shall show you the outcome of your foolish so-called efforts! I will erase it all and begin anew!" Kyvernos roared as the ethos around him ceased flowing.

The following moment, the atmosphere was strangely peaceful as the small sun in the sky began to grow in size. Simultaneously, a pool of putrid black liquid formed underneath Kyvernos.

Then, in a flash, the black liquid expanded outward in all directions as countless pillars of black flames erupted from the ground!

Everything with even the slightest bit of life or ethos that the black liquid touched immediately turned to dust. But, the most frightening thing about this black liquid was that it would not just end with the destruction of the Fourth Heart of the World.

"Astratis, we must not permit this to spread outside of this place!" Illioreas warned with a grave expression.

Illioreas was well aware of the existence of the skill Kyvernos was currently using. That's because it was the same skill Kyvernos used on their own father to destroy his massive body that covered more than half of the Secret Realm in its true state.

The Flowing Reversal of Life—a skill known to expand indefinitely to the point that it could cover the entirety of the Secret Realm.

Anything and everything that came into contact with it had its life force harvested by Kyvernos. Ancient races, plants, celestials—none of it mattered. As long as it had even the slightest bit of ethos or life, it could not escape its impending fate.

Meanwhile, in the distance, Izroth observed the black liquid quickly approaching their direction like a mighty tidal wave as he received a strong warning from his Soul Sense.

"We're moving," Izroth stated as he grabbed Sychia by her side and jumped into the air using Sky Steps.

Sychia was taken aback by Izroth's abrupt action as her cheeks flushed a light shade of pink. To a Thousand Blossom Maiden, being touched in such a manner was considered a great insult. Even more so if that person was an outsider.

However, Sychia knew that Izroth had no ulterior motives. Not to mention, they were not in the Mortal Realm right now; therefore, who would know of this as long as neither of them spoke of it?


Izroth approached the height limit for his Sky Steps, successfully escaping the range of the black liquid.

As he looked down at the Fourth Heart of the World from above, he almost felt somewhat pitiful for Ourami—almost. In the end, this could all be said to have been set into motion by Ourami's own actions.

'Since I'm not in combat, I can maintain Sky Steps for twenty seconds. But, it seems escaping on land will be somewhat difficult.'

The reason Izroth did not attempt to flee on land was due to the fact that the black liquid moved much faster than his own base speed. If he attempted to outrun it with his stronger movement skills still on cooldown, the end result would be catastrophic.

'It's already reached the entrance of the palace... Will he be alright down there?'

Not long ago, Izroth sent Hakros off to take care of something in the palace. But, to his knowledge, Hakros did not possess a flight-type skill. And, even though his physique was unique and seemingly indestructible, would it be able to hold out against this type of merciless attack?

'Well, if it's him, he should be able to find a way to take care of himself.'

Izroth shifted his gaze to the sky above. Behind the small sun that abruptly appeared were various large fractures and tears in space.

Normally, these phenomena were invisible to the naked eye. But, thanks to his Spatial Awareness passive skill, Izroth could see them as clear as day.

'The Secret Realm itself is being torn apart. If it continues like this for much longer, then- Hm..?'

Out of nowhere, Izroth received an unexpected alert from the system.

〈System Alert: Due to the increase in your perception stat, the skill ?Deep Insight? has been temporarily improved.〉

〈System Alert: A similar nature has been detected by ?Deep Insight?.〉

〈System Alert: [1] Flaw has been updated regarding ?Secret Realm Portal?! Would you like to view the update?〉

Before he entered the Secret Realm, Izroth used his Deep Insight skill to inspect the portal. However, at the time, the most important parts were redacted. At least, until now.

'Is it because of the spatial fractures? Either way, there is no reason to decline.'

Izroth accepted to see the updated flaw; however, even he did not anticipate uncovering such a big secret.

'This is... How is this possible?'

Izroth inwardly furrowed his brows as he read over the new system alert.

'I finally understand what she meant by the secret of this realm being no longer able to remain as such. This secret—it's enough to turn not just the Mortal Realm, but all the major realms on their head.'

〈System Alert: Flaw [1]: The [Divinity Line] inside this [world] has been completely [isolated] from the [Laws of the World] making it [possible] for its inhabitants to [ascend] to the [divine realm].〉


As Izroth contemplated the heavy truth, a major change happened down below.

Astratis pushed himself past his limits as he once again donned his Lightning Ruler's Ordinance of Execution from head to toe.

At the same time, Illioreas clapped his hands together as the small sun morphed into an orb no larger than one's fist.


The orb sped down from the sky at blinding speeds and sped right into Astratis' body.


A series of explosions rang as the black liquid near Astratis retreated whenever he stepped.

"?!" The eyes at the tip of Kyvernos' few remaining black tentacles widened in shock.

No one was able to resist his Flowing Reversal of Life. Even his father, who was once known as the strongest being after the Protogenos, could not resist his skill. So, then how was this person who had not even stepped into the same stage as him able to do so?!

"Impossible... Impossible!" Kyvernos bellowed as a new wave of black liquid emerged that was aimed directly at Astratis.

Woosh! Bzzzt! Clap!

The sound of a thunderclap echoed as the black liquid targeted at Astratis immediately dispersed.

"This ends now!" Astratis said calmly as numerous cerulean veins could be seen coursing throughout his lightning armor.

"Lightning Ruler's Ordinance of Execution... Final Judgment." Astratis' figure disappeared.

In a flash, the Son of Thunder stood next to Kyvernos as his lightning armor crumbled away into nothingness.

...Phhhtk! BOOM!

"Arrrrghhhhh!!!! How dare you! Unfilial son! How dare you!!!" Kyvernos cried out as the last few of his black tentacles turned to dust.

The following moment, Kyvernos' entire body was surrounded by a brilliant light as a strong pulse of the lightning element exploded forth from his body.


The instant the lightning burst forth, Kyvernos transformed into a pool of black liquid. At the same time, the black liquid started to recede as it lost its sinister aura.

"It is... Finally over..." Astratis uttered before he collapsed.


Illioreas appeared next to Astratis, catching him before he could fall. And, right at Illioreas side inside of a protective bubble of light was Nomii.

As he looked at the two siblings, a smile appeared on his face. However, the sadness in his eyes could not be hidden as he looked at the last bit of black liquid disappear.

"Rest easy, brother..." Illioreas said to himself as he closed his eyes.

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