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Chapter 29

Chapter 29: Elite “Prototype Monster”!

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[Basilisk Mantis] (Contract Possible)

Quality: Elite

Level: 1

HP: 540 / 540

Physical Attack: 49-68

Defense: 15

Superiority: 45%

Skills: [Sharp Blade], [Continuous Slash]

Introduction: ….


“Only 45%?”

Lorne frowned. His luck today was not very good. It was usually above 60, but this time, it was only 45. That was too low.

However, although its superiority was not high, the attributes of this monster were not low.

The upper limit of 68 points was higher than when the minotaur was created.

If it could achieve 80% superiority, the monster’s attributes would definitely be very impressive.

Most importantly, this mantis had inherited the high movement speed of the “basilisk lizard”. Its attributes in terms of agility had increased by 0.5 times. When its level increased, its combat ability would also increase greatly.

“Little one, time to retire.”

Lorne did not slay the mantis, for it was much more capable than the Two-Headed Demon Hound. Since he had already created it, he would replace the demon hound and let the creature retire earlier.

With his new pet, Lorne set off.

His next target was still the giant mantis.

What the team lacked the most was a damage dealer. The basilisk mantis could very well supplement this disadvantage.

Moving along the valley, Lorne’s party encountered countless monsters, but he did not deliberately choose them. All that he encountered were slain by the minotaurs.

These were all experience points, one of the targets of this operation.

But somehow, it seemed that he was unlucky today.

After farming for more than an hour, they killed countless monsters and encountered many giant mantises.


He had not created a satisfactory pet yet.

The one beside him was the most outstanding one he had created recently.

But its superiority was only 61%.

Seeing this, Lorne could not help but wonder if the two species’ fusion compatibility was very low.

Otherwise, how could the highest superiority only be 61% after more than ten combinations?

“Let’s try a little longer.”

Lorne did not want to give up like this. He liked the basilisk mantis very much. Its combat ability was excellent, its speed was fast, and its attack power was high. It could perfectly serve as the DPS in the team.

If he gave up just like that, he would feel a little pity.

Rimuru bounced on his shoulder, as if to lessen his impatience with the cheerful rhythm and cool touch.

“Don’t worry, your master has a good temperament.”

Lorne tapped Rimuru with his finger as he gradually calmed down. Then, he led his pets forward and began farming monsters along the way.

Time slowly passed.

When another hour passed, Lorne was still not satisfied.

He had not succeeded in two hours, which meant that this plan had failed.

Lorne intended to abandon such creatures and seek out a new combat species to create.

But at that moment, out of the corner of his eye, he saw a huge green mantis quietly hanging from a tree ahead. Its hard carapace, which was shimmering with a faint metallic luster, seemed to be harder than steel. Even its abdomen was covered in a thin carapace that protected all parts of its body.

And what made people most fearful was its serrated arms. Every serrated edge on them was like a sharp blade. It was terrifying to look at!

This was no ordinary monster!

He opened his attributes panel excitedly and was pleasantly surprised.


[Giant Mantis]

Quality: Elite

Level: 10

HP: 1650 / 1650

Physical Attack: 150-182

Defense: 60

Skill: [Sharp Blade]: Increases the effect of armor-piercing by 75 points.

Skill: [Continuous Slash]: Deals 2-4 continuous slashes on a target. Damage is 80% each.

Introduction: ….


This was an elite monster!

His eyes widened in delight.

After checking its attributes, he finally confirmed that he had really encountered an elite-level giant mantis!

Although its quality had only increased by one rank, its attributes were much stronger than ordinary monsters.

Such an intrinsic, powerful monster would evolve even more in the hands of Lorne.

For example, Rimuru. Every time it leveled up, its health points would increase by 12,500. It was several times stronger than its original aptitude.

It was the same for the giant mantis. Its attributes would be greatly enhanced!

The more he looked, the more he liked it.

The upper limit of 182 Attack Points combined with a skill that could have 2-4 consecutive strikes. Once four consecutive strikes were triggered, it would deal 320% damage. Such an explosive damage output was definitely stronger than ordinary Bosses.

“Rimuru, you keep it busy this time.”

“The minotaur and the mantis will assist in the attack!”

This time, Lorne gave orders to Rimuru. Otherwise, it would take too much time for the minotaur to win.

Rimuru was also very happy about this opportunity to fight. It quickly enlarged its body a little. Although it was not as tall as two meters, its aura still firmly suppressed the entire scene.

“Sticky Spray!”

The moment Rimuru entered the attack range, it immediately used his skill. A ball of light red liquid spread out on the giant mantis.


A Level 5 Bronze-grade Boss had terrifying damage output.

Enraged by such an attack, the giant mantis closed in on Rimuru, unleashing a series of slashes, instantly striking out three times.




Three consecutive hits dealt 210+ damage to Rimuru.

Originally, the giant mantis’s attack should not have broken through its defense, because Rimuru was now Level 5 and had 146 Defense. The combo damage was 80% each, so it could not break through its defense.

However, the giant mantis had a very powerful skill, which had an armor-piercing effect.

Physical defense would be greatly reduced against it.

It created the scene before him.


The difference in health between the two sides was too great.

Rimuru’s health was now 112,500. With just attacks dealing 210+ damage, it might not be able to kill Rimuru for the rest of its life. After all, it also had recovery-type abilities.

On the other hand, the giant mantis only had 1650 health points. Under the attacks of the pets, it could not last long.

Within seconds, the giant mantis was already dying.

Lorne let Rimuru cease its attack, fearing that the mantis would be slain with a single strike. He stepped forward and used his merging skill.

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