Online Game: I Possess a Monster Merging Simulator!

Chapter 15

Chapter 15: Rushing Back to the Village, Fighting the Boss!

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“You used 500 experience points to raise your pet [Giant Axe Minotaur] to Level 2.”

[Health: 1000 / 1000 (200↑)]

[Attack: 62-88 (12-18↑)]

[Defense: 25 (5↑)]


After leveling up, the statistics of the increase appeared on his interface.

Seeing this scene, Lorne froze on the spot.

He even suspected that he had seen wrongly.

It was only a level increase, but its attributes had increased so much. Just its health points had increased by 200 points!

How was this possible!

To be honest, as the master, Lorne was jealous.

In comparison, every time he leveled up, he would only have 20 Health Points, 5 Attack Points, and 3 Magic Attack Points. It was too sad in comparison.


There was one thing to note.

The level up experience value went from 500 to 1500!

Rising to Level 3 actually required so much experience. Lorne could not help but wipe away his cold sweat.

The experience points he had accumulated previously was 1715 points, but it could only raise the Giant Axe Minotaur to Level 2.

It was only then that Lorne truly felt the pressure brought about by the level requirements of a high-level pet.

This was only an elite pet, but it already needed so much experience.

What would happen if it was a Bronze or even higher Boss?

Lorne could not imagine.

Fortunately, after seeing the powerful attributes of the pet again, the grudges in his heart disappeared.

“What should I name you?”

Lorne wanted to give it a domineering name, but he was bad at naming. He gave up after only three seconds.

“Your name is Minotaur One!”

“Go! Use your skill, Powerful Battle Axe!”

With a wave of his arm, Lorne gave the order.

Although the Giant Axe Minotaur’s body was very small, its attributes were not inferior to a Level 10 minotaur.

Moreover, it had an extremely powerful offensive skill. It was not a problem to fight alone.


The huge axe slashed down!

The sharp edge of the axe tore through the enemy minotaur’s tough hide, slicing through its flesh and spilling hot blood.


A monstrous damage number appeared.

It was only a Level 2 pet, but the axe in its hand dealt 143 damage to a Level 10 monster.

It was a startling sight.

If other players saw this scene, their jaws would probably drop to the ground.


Not to be outdone, the minotaur retaliated with its skill.

However, its damage was much worse than that of the Giant Axe Minotaur. It only dealt 71 damage.

Lorne did not watch them fight.

Now that there was an event going on, he had to hurry.

It would be best if he could raise the pets by a few levels before returning to the village.

As for more merging?

He could not.

This was because fusing such a pet required 500 bronze coins. He could not earn so much money in a short time.

As time passed…

Powerful Level 10 monsters died under the siege of the other two pets.

The attacks of the Giant Axe Minotaur were too powerful. With the help of the Two-Headed Demon Hound, the efficiency of killing was very high, and the EXP value was rising crazily.

Half an hour later.

An hour later.

After farming for more than an hour, he looked at his bag. He had already collected 63 [Bull Horns], which meant that he had killed 63 [Minotaurs] and earned 3,300 experience points.

In the meantime, Lorne used 3,600 experience points to level up the Giant Axe Minotaur.

The current Minotaur One had already reached Level 4. The upper limit of its attack was also 103 points. It was very domineering.

As for the loot, Lorne obtained seven pieces of White Iron and one Bronze equipment.


[Wild Shoulder Guard]

Grade: Bronze

Defense: +7

Constitution: +2

Introduction: A wild hunter’s armor that is stained with the blood of wild animals.


The attributes of the equipment were not bad, and it could give Lorne some defense.

There were also two White Iron items that could be used.

Lorne had already equipped them.

Although the attributes did not increase much, to new players, no matter how little the attributes were, it was still better than nothing.

After arranging his equipment, he opened the character interface.

It seemed that he had not taken a close look at his attributes since leaving the village.


ID: [Tyrant]

Class: Apprentice Summoner

Level: 10

Talent: [Monster Merging Simulator (???)]

HP: 560 / 560

MP: 300 / 300

Magic Attack: 48-96

Physical Attack: 23-46

Magic Resistance: 14

Physical Resistance: 55

Speed: 27.2

Attributes: Constitution 55, Strength 5, Spirit 5, Intelligence 5, Agility 26

Free Attributes: 0

EXP: 915

Possession: 0 Gold Coin, 1 Silver Coin, 23 Bronze Coins.


Pet Space:

[Vitality Slime] Level 1 (0 / 200)

[Two-Headed Demon Hound] Level 1 (0 / 300)

[Giant Axe Minotaur] Level 4 (0 / 2400)


These were Lorne’s attributes.

It could not be said to be very outstanding, it could only be considered mediocre.

After all, his attribute points were: 3 Constitution, 2 Agility.

On the other hand, the Summoner’s resistance and speed growth were not high, so his attributes seemed a little too ordinary.

Fortunately, Lorne’s pets were invincible. They were enough.

After dealing with these things, Lorne looked at the live-stream again and realized that the Slime King was killing crazily in the village. In order to seize the kill, the new players were using suicidal attacks to resist it.

Under the crazy barrage, the Slime King’s health had already decreased to about 10%.

The gamers should have given up after more than an hour.

After all, if they died like this, they would lose too many levels.

But the problem was…

None of them dared to give up.

After failing the mission, everyone would receive a debuff.

In the next six hours, their experience and income would decrease by half!

Once this happened, everyone in Beginner Village No. 2451 would advance slower than other villages.

At that time, they would have even less hope in competing after reaching the main city.

Therefore, those large guilds had no way out. They could only use the players’ level to forcefully exchange for the Slime King’s health and obtain victory regardless of the consequences.

With that, Lorne hurried back to the village.

In ‘Divine Realm’, the killing of the Boss did not depend on the output, but on who could deal the final blow.

Therefore, Lorne was determined to take down this boss.

If someone fought over it, then, sorry, Lorne would not hesitate to slay him!

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