New Father: Empress Appearing On My Doorstep With Our Daughters

Chapter 224 - Donghuang Ziyou’s Divine Strategy!

Chapter 224: Donghuang Ziyou’s Divine Strategy!

Primordial Fire Spirit Body!

Supreme-level Fire Spirit Constitution!

It could control all ordinary flames, spiritual flames, and even immortal flames in the world.

This was the third physique Lin Xuan had obtained so far, and it was also a super physique second only to the Chaos Sacred Body.

Furthermore, there were specializations in this field. This physique was specially targeted at fire controlling skills.

After it was activated, Lin Xuan could not only use his true essence spiritual energy to transform into fire, furthermore, it could communicate with all the flames in the outside world and use them as it pleased.

“With the Primordial Fire Spirit Body, my Li Fire Golden Eyes can not only unleash even greater power,

moreover, I can also conjure immortal flames to refine pills and refine higher-grade pills.”

Lin Xuan’s eyes revealed some joy.

Previously, he had been planning to refine a few Heavenly Thorn Li Devouring Pills for his daughters.

However, at that time, he did not have the physique to control fire.

Therefore, although the spiritual energy was powerful after transforming into fire, it was not enough to refine immortal-level medicinal pills.

Now, he had the Primordial Fire Spirit Body.

He could directly conjure immortal flames and use them to refine an immortal pill like the Heavenly Thorn Li Devouring Pill.

Not only was the success rate higher, but it was also more efficient!


“Do you want to extract the rewards?”


“You’ve successfully extracted the Primordial Fire Spirit Body!”

“Congratulations, host, on successfully activating the Primordial Fire Spirit Body!”

After putting away the system in satisfaction, Lin Xuan looked at the four cute figures jumping around lovingly.

He decided to collect the herbs to refine the Heavenly Thorn Li Devouring Pill as soon as possible and refine immortal pills for his precious daughters to protect themselves.

“Babies, lunch is ready. Let’s play after dinner!”

Lin Xuan then shook his head and smiled.

This bunch of cuties actually forgot to eat in order to play.


Xuan Zhu and the others immediately put down the Taiyi Flying Pig obediently and ran towards Lin Xuan.

“Daddy, play with us after you’re done eating!”

“No problem!”

Dongyuan Heaven.

150,000 kilometers away from the North Mystic Heaven border, there was an incomparably huge mountain range.

There were many towering mountains in this mountain range. They were tall and covered the sky.

As a result, there was insufficient sunlight in the mountain range, and it was quite cold.

The highest mountain in the center was called Liang Mountain.

On Liang Mountain, there was an extremely powerful force, the Liangshan Stronghold.

At this moment, a terrifying saber light shot out from the Liangshan Stronghold.

Wherever it went, the air cracked and boulders shattered.

Ruo Ying was leaving the Liangshan Stronghold with a team of North Mystic Heaven cavalry.

Behind them was the brave Liangshan Stronghold Chieftain, Qin Wu, who was holding a Heaven Splitting Saber!

“Hurry up and leave. Don’t let them catch you!”

Ruo Ying shouted and urged the cavalry to leave the Liangshan Stronghold as soon as possible.

Hearing Ruo Ying’s anxious voice, Qin Wu couldn’t help but laugh wildly.

“Hahaha, North Mystic Heaven’s commander is only so-so!”

“Do you really think that the Liangshan Stronghold is a pushover? You dare to come here to denounce us with only a few soldiers and generals?”

The Liangshan Stronghold gang members who rushed out with Qin Wu watched Ruo Ying and the others escape with disdain.

“Not only is Fort Master Qin’s cultivation at the Supremacy Realm, but his saber technique is also shocking. He has already reached the realm of becoming one with the saber, and he’s comparable to a grandmaster. Just wait to be slashed by him!”

“Hmph, Empress Mystic Ice is really getting increasingly nosy. She actually dared to send someone to Liangshan Stronghold. We must let her get a taste of our power this time!”

“Brothers, kill them. Let these people never return!”

Relying on the fact that this was the Liangshan Stronghold’s headquarters and that Qin Wu’s strength was extraordinary,

the people of the Liangshan Stronghold were extremely arrogant.

They rode their demon beasts and chased after Qin Wu to catch Ruo Ying and the others in one go.

In the blink of an eye, they had passed 15,000 kilometers!

When Ruo Ying and the others arrived at the entrance of a valley, they sped up and rushed in.

“You want to ditch us here? Dream on!”

Qin Wu saw through Ruo Ying’s intention and couldn’t help but sneer. His true energy erupted and instantly doubled his speed!

However, just as he rushed into the valley, his vision suddenly darkened.

A black Mystic Iron net descended from the sky and suddenly enveloped his body.

“You want to trap me with a Dharmic Artifact?”

Qin Wu laughed wildly and was about to use the Heaven Splitting Saber to shatter the Black Mystic Iron Net.


At this moment, a terrifying rain of arrows suddenly fell from all directions.

The rain of arrows was as fast as lightning!

At the moment Qin Wu was distracted,

nearly a thousand Mystic Iron arrows with terrifying spiritual energy shot into his body and instantly exploded.

Even though Qin Wu was a Supremacy Realm powerhouse, he was immediately heavily injured by such a terrifying attack.

“Damn it! So it’s a serial scheme!”

Qin Wu’s eyes widened and he wanted to activate the last 30% of his true essence to escape.

“It’s your honor to die in the trap designed by Her Majesty!”

At this moment, Ruo Ying suddenly descended from the sky.

The sword in her hand accurately pierced through the Mystic Iron net and pierced through Qin Wu’s throat.

Then, her fair hand trembled and she cut off Qin Wu’s head before grabbing it in her hand.

“Since the Liangshan Stronghold dared to kill our people, this is the outcome!”

She raised Qin Wu’s head high to intimidate the members of the Liangshan Stronghold.

Seeing this scene, everyone in the Liangshan Stronghold gasped.

“Shit! So North Mystic Heaven’s commander was pretending to escape and lured our stronghold master into their trap!”

“They actually beheaded Fort Master Qin. They’re really too vicious!”

“Everyone, run quickly. I feel that this place is very dangerous!”

Everyone hurriedly turned around to escape.

At this moment, a murderous shout sounded.

The Mystic Ice Army, which had been lying in ambush outside the valley, rushed out with killing intent and surrounded the people of the Liangshan Stronghold.

Instantly, the surroundings were filled with the miserable cries of the Liangshan Stronghold’s people.

Ruo Ying watched everything happening below the valley with an aloof look, and could not help but reveal a look of admiration.

“Her Majesty asked me to head to the Liangshan Stronghold this time to outwit them, leverage the situation to your advantage and reduce North Mystic Heaven’s losses.”

“From the looks of it, her plan to lure the snake out of its hole and catch the turtle in the jar is really brilliant!”

Mystic Ice Palace.

Qianxin Hall.

Ruo Ying appeared in front of Donghuang Ziyou. “Your Majesty, the problem with the Liangshan Stronghold has been resolved.”

“I used your scheme to kill Qin Wu and the 30,000 elites of the Liangshan Stronghold, then snatched the jade building materials back.”

“Yes.” Donghuang Ziyou nodded slightly and stood up with one hand behind her back. “How many casualties did our side suffer?”

“No one died!” Ruo Ying revealed a hint of pride.

However, she immediately retracted her expression.

Donghuang Ziyou’s plan to eliminate the Liangshan Stronghold was extremely brilliant. She did not dare to show too much joy.

“You did well.” Donghuang Ziyou saw through Ruo Ying’s thoughts.

She was never stingy with praise when her subordinates did well.

Ruo Ying hurriedly knelt down. “Thank you for your praise, Your Majesty!”

Donghuang Ziyou nodded and waved her hand to dismiss Ruo Ying.

Then, she thought about how the thousand elite archers she had specially sent out played a key role in her success in killing Qin Wu.

“Bow and arrow…”

Donghuang Ziyou’s mind raced. She thought about how it had been a long time since she had taught Xuan Zhu and the others horse archery.

Since they were discipled of the Donghuang Clan, horse archery was a skill that had to be learned as soon as possible.

With this in mind, she turned to look at the memorial on the imperial table.

Fortunately, there were not many memorials.

She decided to review the remaining memorials and go to the Crystal Palace to find the children to bring them to practice horse archery.

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