My Werewolf System

Chapter 399: Double Stinger (part 2)

Chapter 399: Double Stinger (part 2)

The strange skin or whatever it was on the supervisor didn't slow down Gary, as he ducked down from another attack, and this time sprinted forward and kicked the supervisor in the stomach. A grunt was heard, and for a second it looked like the supervisor was stunned.

‘I was startled for a bit, because of your strength, but so what if you’re stronger than me?’ Gary thought. ‘What does that even matter? ‘That's not my only trait. I have a lot more things I can do!’

Attacking quick and sharp Gary was striking the supervisor, on his chest, back, arms and more. His claws would rip through the Altered’s skin but were unable to go in deep due to some strange bones he had inside his body. No doubt something to do with his Altered form.

Not all Altereds worked the same, nor were their bodies the same either, even if they took the same type of Altered DNA.

Little by little Gary was racking up the damage, but at the same time, the supervisor was starting to get a hang of Gary’s speed, his odd angles and more. When Gary threw a strike out towards him, the supervisor blocked it matching hit for hit. His stinger was caught between Gary’s claws.

At the same time, he would throw out another punch towards his body of his own. Gary blocking this lifted his hand making sure his stinger didn’t go inside him, had hurt him once again.

[-12 HP]

[178/200 HP]

Still, the Werewolf continued charging forward again.

I have a lot of health I can take a lot of hits, as long as I hurt him more than me. While not running out of energy I’ll win this fight!’ Gary thought.

Again, the Werewolf teen was ready, a big strike in his full Werewolf form would do no help here, so he felt like he was making the right choice fighting this way. Once again, he was ready to attack but that was when a strange pair of thin light wings sprouted from the back of the head supervisor.

They broke through the hard brown skin, and without hesitating, he used them to fly forward and threw both of his hands out at the same time. Gary could tell this was going to be a more powerful attack due to the speed that had been involved.

If he was to block the attacks with his weight behind it, the stingers would go into his hands, so he had to carefully line up his claws to stop the stingers before they reached any of his flesh. Moving his hands in the right place, at the right time he was successful. Still, because it had next to no strength behind it, Gary was pushed back across the ground much further than before. Only this time the momentum didn't stop.

At the stingers were stuck in his claws, the lead supervisor continued to fly ahead, dragging him along, before Gary could act or do anything, he felt a sharp pain enter right through the centre of his body,

‘What the….’

[- 15Hp]

[You have received a fatal wound]

[Emergency healing cannot be used until the object has been removed from the body]

[If the wound is not healed you will continue to lose HP]

[An unknown substance has entered your body]

[It is slowly affecting you]

[Body is at 98 Percent functionality and will continue to decrease]

All the messages had popped up at once. Looking down, Gary could see the Stinger inside him. It was solid black in colour while a strange coloured liquid was seen coming out of the end, along with Gary’s own blood.

When looking at the stingers in his claws, he knew it was impossible to have come from his own opponent which could mean only one thing, it was from the other supervisor.

‘Is that really has to be..but then.’

Turning his head, Gary looked to the ground, where he could see that his two friends were lying still on the ground. Neither one of them were moving, and blood was seen on the floor in front of them. Just like him, the two had large punctures on their body having been stung by the stinger.

‘No…no..are they dead…What happened?’ Gary thought.

[Your body functionality is now at 97 percent]

‘I…I was the one that made this situation…if I had just minded my own business. Who cares about this Academy. Their lives are more important.’ Gary thought.

“ the heck can you teachers do that to just students. What is wrong with you!” Gary’s arms were tensing up and his veins could be seen popping even through his fur arms.

“Why are you listening to some nobody, are you a machine who just follows orders!” Gary asked, pushing forward bit by bit, he had moved his opponent back. “Is it just because you two are freaking bugs!”

Hearing this, the lead supervisor smiled as he decided to give Gary an answer.

“I guess this should teach you, In this world, in this day and age that we live in, you should be careful about who you touch. A nobody like you.”

Now hearing this, Gary was the one that started to smile, his shoulders were moving up and down as he was chuckling.

[Full transformation has begun]

[-30 Energy]

“Your right, I’m just a leader of a no name gang form a tier three city.” Gary answered. His arms grew larger and his snout started to elongate. With all his strength Gary pushed the lead supervisor off from his body. With both hands, he grabbed onto the stinger, and beagn to push on either end eventulley snapping the end of the stinger.

Now holding onto this piece, without hesitation, Gary walked forward before turning around and slamming the broken part of the stinger right into the supervisor's head, pushing it through the temple and causing him to fall straight to the floor.

“What….have you done…you..can’t get away with this!” the supervisor shouted.

“I have already gotten away with it before..its no problem for me!” Gary charged forward in his full Werewolf form, but he was against the clock.

[Your body functionality is now at 90 percent]


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