Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1354: Rainbow Spirit Fruit

Chapter 1354: Rainbow Spirit Fruit

As soon as Yang Feng stepped into the Cosmic Tree Sea, countless lights shone, and a dark green leaf glittering with green light fell into his hand.

“1 year later, the 10 people with the largest number of spirit leaves can enter the heart of the tree sea.”

A vast will echoed in Yang Feng’s sea of knowledge.

Yang Feng frowned slightly: “We have to gather spirit leaves? It wants us to kill each other?”

Ripples surged, and Ling and Ying appeared beside Yang Feng.

“They didn’t receive any spirit leaves! That is to say, only Empyreans with a complete soul and will may obtain such a spirit leaf.”

Yang Feng glanced at Ling and Ying, saw that neither of them received a spirit leaf, and made a guess.

Although the 2 Kings of Rulers, Ling and Ying, are as powerful as unequaled overlord-level Empyreans, but they are mechanical creations after all. They don’t have a complete soul and will.

After going through layers of clouds, a vast, almost endless world, which exceeds even Cangzhi Plane, appeared in front of Yang Feng.

A fearsome gravity shrouded Yang Feng and pulled him towards the ground.

“What a strong gravity. It’s equivalent to 1 million times the gravity of Earth. It is impossible for ordinary humans to survive in this world. Even if it’s a Moonlight Warlock, if they don’t cast spells to protect themselves, they will be crushed by this fearsome gravity. Only Infinity Warlock rank extraordinary life forms can survive in this world.”

Yang Feng wrinkled his eyebrows. Ripples rose on his body, and the terrifying gravity disappeared.

Yang Feng is an unequaled overlord-level Empyrean and is proficient in countless secret methods. Even if it’s a gravity equivalent to 100 million times the gravity of Earth, he can easily dispel it with one spell. This is the horror of Empyreans.

“Soul force scan is restricted to a range 100 kilometers.”

Yang Feng scanned the surroundings with his tremendous soul force and came to an accurate conclusion.

“But this is really a holy land of cultivation. If a quasi-Holy rank powerhouse can practice cultivation for 1,000 years here, they will have a 50% chance to advance to the Holy Spirit Warlock realm. This place is better than the golden lake!”

Yang Feng pointed with a finger, and the life magic energy within 100 kilometers surged, turned into a whirlpool, and entered his body.

Yang Feng’s eyes glimmered with a peculiar color: “If I cultivate here for 10,000 years, I may be able to take another half a step. However, when it comes to advancing to the Eternal realm, purely practicing cultivation is still not enough. It requires the assistance of miraculous objects.”

In order to advance to the Eternal realm, you not only need to comprehend four essences, but you also have to consume a huge amount of resources, including a variety of miraculous objects.

All of a sudden, a pillar of colorful light rose from a distant spirit mountain, went straight into the sky, and formed a rainbow bridge.

A mysterious fragrance gushed out of the spirit mountain and swept around.

“Rainbow Spirit Fruit! It’s the legendary Rainbow Spirit Fruit! As expected of the Cosmic Tree Sea, a world that is the manifestation of the universe’s final hope! It even has such a miraculous object!”

Yang Feng’s eyes brightened slightly and flickered with excitement. His figure fluttered, and he flew towards the spirit mountain.

At the summit of the spirit mountain radiating a pillar of colorful light, ripples surged, and Yang Feng appeared.

At the summit of the spirit mountain, there is a limpid spirit spring. In the center of the spirit spring, there is a small tree with a height of only 30 centimeters, which looks as if it was carved out of purple jade. On the crown of the small tree, there is a fruit radiating colorful light. The pillar of colorful light is rising from the fruit radiating colorful light.

Yang Feng’s eyes flashed with excitement: “It’s really a Rainbow Spirit Fruit!”

Rainbow Spirit Fruit is one of the most precious fruits in the universe of the world of Warlocks. A Rainbow Spirit Fruit can propel a powerhouse’s soul aptitude from inferior level-9 to superior level-9.

Back in the day, thanks to a Rainbow Spirit Fruit, Star Lord was able to advance to the Eternal realm and defeat his enemy Nine Realms Lord in one fell swoop.

According to historical records, Rainbow Spirit Fruit has appeared only 4 times in the universe of the world of Warlocks. Moreover, Rainbow Spirit Fruit is one of the treasures that can increase one’s odds to advance to the Eternal realm. It can raise an Empyrean’s chances to advance to the Eternal realm by 1%.

Although 1% seems insignificant, but there are only a couple of treasures in the whole world of Warlocks that can raise one’s odds when it comes to advancing to the Eternal realm. The Rainbow Spirit Fruit is a treasure that Empyreans will go crazy for.

Yang Feng glanced at the Rainbow Spirit Fruit and mused, “It will take three hours to mature!”

“Rainbow Spirit Fruit! Sure enough, it’s this treasure!”

A voice full of excitement rang in the void, and a 10,000-meter-tall dragon-winged direwolf flew down from the sky and emanated Empyrean might.

“The Rainbow Spirit Fruit is mine! Anyone who stands in my way shall die!”

A 10,000-meter-tall ancestral bear diffusing valor rushed over from afar. With each step it took, the earth shook.

“The Rainbow Spirit Fruit is mine! Anyone who dares to fight with me over it will be my mortal enemy!”

With a flash of brilliant golden light, a golden roc shrouded in golden light flew over from afar.

“You guys, get the hell out of here! That’s my treasure!”

A terrifying sea of fire flew over from afar. In the sea of fire, there is a fire qilin, who looks like the sovereign over all that is fire.

“Get lost, or I’ll eat you!”

With a fierce flash in his eyes, Multi-Armed Ancestor, a powerhouse with nine heads and eighteen arms, engraved with countless abstruse runes, headed this way and emanated a ferocious aura. Multi-Armed Ancestor holds an Eternal bone in each of his eighteen hands.

“What are you barking for, you fools? The Rainbow Spirit Fruit belongs to me!”

With a flash of cyan light, a cyan phoenix operated the essence of wind, turned into a cyan ray, flew over from afar, and arrived at the spirit mountain’s summit before anyone else.

“Devour Lord! Devour Lord, you’re here! How come I haven’t discovered you? Illusion arts! Damn it, you used illusion arts to mask your existence!”

The cyan phoenix just appeared on the summit of the spirit mountain, when his expression changed dramatically, his eyes flickered with shock, and he cried out.

“To be able to see through my illusion, you have some skill! Unfortunately, it’s too late! Die!”

Yang Feng smiled coldly. With a fierce glimmer in his eyes, he beckoned with his hand, and the Wheel of Time appeared at once. A torrent of time poured out of the Wheel of Time, swept towards the cyan phoenix, and drew him inside.

The cyan phoenix surged with countless runes, erupted with Empyrean force, unleashed windblades capable of severing space and time, ant cut the torrent of time apart.

At the moment when the torrent of time collapsed, Yang Feng walked out of the void, wielded the halberd in his hands, and sliced the green phoenix in two.

A black hole emerged and swallowed the green phoenix.

“Devour Lord!”

“Devour Lord is here!”

“Damn it!”

“Why is he here?”


The countenance of the 5 Empyreans changed greatly. Their figures fluttered, and they escaped in different directions.

Yang Feng’s reputations was build on the bones of many Empyreans. These Empyreans are well aware of his terror.

In the Cosmic Tree Sea, all Empyreans are competing for the only chance to advance to Eternal. They all see each other as enemies. Moreover, they have to collect spirit leaves. They are well aware that Yang Feng won’t show them mercy.

“Hand over the spirit leaves and I will spare your lives!”

A cold voice sounded. Yang Feng beckoned with his hand, and the Blue Mirror of Fate appeared and locked on the 5 Empyreans.

Strands of fate aura poured out of the Blue Mirror of Time and marked the 5 Empyreans, and then strand of fate aura belonging to the Empyreans plunged into the Blue Mirror of Fate.

“Shit! Devour Lord wants to kill us all!”

“Curses! What a vicious character!”

“What should we do?”


Marked by the Blue Mirror of Time, the 5 Empyreans felt a chill in their hearts. They felt their fate aura lessen by a fraction.

Unless it is an Empyrean proficient in the essence of fate or a powerhouse with a fate-type Empyrean grade secret treasure, otherwise even Empyreans won’t be able to escape from Yang Feng once marked by the Blue Mirror of Fate, not even if they run to the end of the world.

The eyes of the dragon-winged direwolf flashed fiercely, and he roared, “Everyone! Since Devour Lord wants to kill us, then why don’t the five of us work together to kill him here instead?”

Multi-Armed Ancestor shouted, “Fine! Let’s join forces and fight him to the death!”

“Okay! Let’s join forces and fight him!”

The eyes of the other 3 Empyreans’ shimmered with a vicious shade, and they cast spells and attacked Yang Feng.

“It’s no use! You are destined to die at my hands!”

There was a cold flash in Yang Feng’s eyes. His figure shook slightly, and he appeared in the future.

“Space-Time Walk!”

“Damn it! If we can’t lock space and time, there’s basically no way to break this unequaled secret method!”

“How do we break it?”


When the 5 Empyreans saw Yang Feng disappeared from the present, they were both shocked and angry, and their hearts filled with fear.

Among the unequaled secret methods of human Warlock Emperors, Space-Time Walk is the most terrifying one. If it isn’t broken, it can be regarded as an invisible secret method. Its only drawback is that this secret method has no effect on Eternal Sovereigns.

In an instant, Yang Feng returned to the present from the future, appeared above the dragon-winged direwolf, brandished the halberd in his hands, and sliced the Empyrean rank dragon-winged direwolf into two, and a black hole emerged and swallowed the other party.

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