Lord Of The People: I Recruited A Mutant Succubus From The Start

Chapter 207 - Scarlet Rose’s Plan!

Chapter 207: Chapter 207: Scarlet Rose’s Plan!


Hearing Ren Qi’s words, Scarlet Rose’s expression turned even more unsightly.

However, she still forced a smile and said, “Big Brother 77, this...”

Before she could finish, Ren Qi interrupted, “If it’s not possible, then forget it. I’ll go directly to hunt that frost rhino. When I return, you can just give me the reward.”

Scarlet Rose’s expression changed a few times before she forced out a smile.

“Fine! Fine! How can it not be possible? Since Big Brother 77 has said so, then let’s do it.”

Seeing this, a new lord immediately added, “Since he can bring in half of the troops, we have to bring in half of the troops.”

“That’s right, that’s right. Everyone has to be the same.”

“If I think it’s possible, then we’ll bring in half of the troops. Otherwise, there’ll be other excuses.”

“Ah, right, right. Let’s unify the troops.”

Hearing their words, Ren Qi stepped forward and said, “I don’t think it’s possible.”

“You guys already said that you don’t have to be afraid of this female lord. If we bring in half of the troops now, won’t you be slapping yourselves in the face?”

“Moreover, if we all bring our troops in, Scarlet Rose will feel unsafe again. right? I’ll bring half of my troops in myself.”

Hearing Ren Qi’s words, the expressions of the surrounding new lords changed slightly. In the end, they didn’t say anything.

The scene instantly became a little awkward.

At this moment, Scarlet Rose stepped forward to mediate the situation. “Alright, let’s do as Big Brother 77 says. If you guys bring half of your troops over, I’ll definitely feel scared.”

The few new lords finally nodded.

Ren Qi brought Elise and the other high-level experts into Scarlet Rose’s territory. This way, he would be able to deal with any problems that might arise.

After entering her territory, Ren Qi discovered that the buildings inside were the same as the buildings outside. They were also in a frightening pink color.

Meanwhile, a large number of three-headed hellhounds were scattered all around this woman’s territory. Their eyes were completely red as they stared intently at the new lords, Ren Qi and the others, who had entered. Saliva dripped from the corners of their mouths, it was as though they were monsters.

Ren Qi observed the arrangements in this territory. There should not be any traps or anything like that.

Meanwhile, the surrounding hellhounds also left this place under the command of Scarlet Rose.

“My puppies are a little too mischievous. Whenever they see a new guest, they’ll gather here to take a look. Don’t mind them,” Scarlet Rose said with a smile.

Tina, who was standing behind Ren Qi, said disdainfully, “How pretentious. A three-headed hellhound of this size still wants to act like a puppy? Disgusting.”

Very quickly, Ren Qi and the few new lords were invited into the meeting hall of Scarlet Rose’s territory.

Currently, Elise was about to step into the half-step Saint tier. Even if there were any dangers or traps, she could ensure Ren Qi’s safety.

After entering the meeting room, Ren Qi didn’t give Scarlet Rose a chance to speak. Instead, he directly said, “Tell us the main characteristics of the frost rhinos and its fighting style. After that, we can directly attack.”

Hearing this, Scarlet Rose’s expression darkened. However, she quickly smiled and said, “Ah, Big Brother 77, don’t be so anxious. I didn’t know that you were so impatient.”

“Sit down first. I’ll pour you a cup of tea. Let’s chat while we drink.”

After saying this, Scarlet Rose clapped her hands, and a hellhound entered the room. On its head was a tray, and on it were many cups of water.

Scarlet Rose took the cups one by one and placed them in front of Ren Qi and the others.

Ren Qi looked at the bright red tea with blood-red petals floating in it, but he didn’t choose to drink it.

Scarlet Rose smiled. “I was lucky to obtain the petals of a hundred-year-old blood rose. The tea made from it has a rich taste. You can all try it. I’ve heard that it’s very beneficial for men.”

Hearing this, the other new lords began to drink their tea. Only Ren Qi took a sip. The tea touched his lips, but did not enter his mouth.

Seeing this, a hint of anger appeared in Scarlet Rose’s eyes. It was as if she was saying to herself, “Damn it, why aren’t you drinking?”

Following which, her expression returned to normal. She looked at Ren Qi and the others and said, “Let me tell you about the frost rhinos.”

“There are around 500 of them, and each of them has the strength of a Tier-8 complete monster.”

“Moreover, their skin is very thick and heavy, like a powerful shield. It’s very difficult to break through and injure them.”

“These frost rhinos possess water-type attacks, which have evolved into ice-type attacks. Their attacks are very strange. They can use water to attack, and then freeze the water into ice. It’s very difficult to deal with them.”

As she spoke, she glanced at Ren Qi and the others before continuing, “Hence, I feel that you can each bring half of your troops to test out the frost rhinos’ combat strength and situation.”

“After that, when you return, we’ll discuss the specific combat strength before launching a siege.”

When the Tier-7 lord heard this, he immediately replied, “I feel that the Scarlet Rose Lord is right. This is the best method.”

The other Tier-8 lords also agreed.

“I think it’s possible. This method will increase our chances of victory.”

“That’s right. We should test the strength of these frost rhinos before attacking.”

“I agree. Let’s do it this way.”

Ren Qi’s eyes flashed. This was indeed a good idea.

However, since it was Scarlet Rose’s idea, Ren Qi had no choice but to reject it!

“I don’t think there’s a need for this!” Ren Qi said directly.

Scarlet Rose’s brows furrowed once more as she grew impatient.

“Why is this guy so difficult to deal with? This is the best solution. Why is this guy so picky?” Scarlet Rose gnashed her teeth in anger.

However, on the surface, Scarlet Rose was still smiling as she looked at ren qi and said, “Big Brother Seven, this is the best solution. How can you say that there’s no need?”

Ren Qi immediately replied, “I don’t think there’s a need. In that case, there’s really no need.”

“Why do we have to go through so much trouble? Why do we have to go through so many steps? I don’t think we’re going to give each other a piece of the pie. Why don’t we attack the monsters other one by one? Whoever takes down this frost rhino will receive the reward of 50,000 energy crystals.”

The reward of 50,000 energy crystals was already quite a lot. If it weren’t for the reward of 50,000 energy crystals, Ren Qi wouldn’t have argued with them so much.

Scarlet Rose was stunned. She hadn’t expected Ren Qi to come up with such a method.

That was a Tier-8 frost rhino, and all of them were complete.

Even a smart person wouldn’t choose to go head-on, right?

It was still the new lord with a Tier-7 soldier who spoke first, “No! I don’t think so, Big Brother 77. Although your territory’s combat strength is very strong, I can only say that this method is too bad.”

“Charging forward recklessly will result in the loss of a large number of soldiers. It’s a very unwise choice.”

A Tier-8 new lord beside him also snorted coldly, “Hmph! That’s right. If we attack one by one, the first one will definitely suffer a huge loss. If we can’t attack them, we’ll just be meat shields for the people behind us.”

“Hpmh! I know what you’re planning. You want us to attack first, and then you can reap the benefits.”

The other Tier-8 new lords also voiced their disapproval of Ren Qi’s plan.

At this moment, Scarlet Rose spoke with a helpless expression, “Big Boss Ren Qi, it’s not that I don’t want to, but you’ve heard the words of the surrounding new lords. Your plan is indeed a little inappropriate.”

Ren Qi glanced at them before saying, “Then what if I say that I’ll be the first to attack?”

“Ah, this...”

The surrounding new lords were instantly rendered speechless. Just a moment ago, they had questioned Ren Qi’s motives. Now that he was the first to attack, what else could they say?

However, the first to attack would definitely suffer a huge loss. After all, there were 500-plus Tier-8 frost rhinos, and they was extremely powerful.

Could this fellow really be confident of taking down these 500-plus Tier-8 frost rhinos?

Even so, even if he could barely take them down, he would still lose a large number of troops, right?

Wasn’t he afraid that he would be too weak and be targeted by them?

Scarlet Rose was stunned for a moment. However, a smile soon appeared on her face as she looked at Ren Qi. Her smile became very sincere.

“As expected of Big Brother 77! His courage and confidence aren’t something an ordinary new lord can compare to.”

“Big Brother 77 is actually able to think of such a method. Moreover, he wants to be the first to go. This is simply too domineering.”

“It seems that Big Brother 77 is already confident. This little girl won’t be able to stop him much longer.”

“As long as 77 can deal with the threat of the frost rhinos, I’ll definitely give you the 50,000 energy crystals.”

Ren Qi nodded. He would definitely take the 50,000 energy crystals.

Even if Scarlet Rose refused, he would take them by force.

He valued the spirit of the contract very much.

“Alright! It’s settled then. I’ll help you deal with the threat of the frost rhinos. Prepare 50,000 energy crystals for me.”

After saying this, Ren Qi led Elise out of the meeting hall and the rest of the succubus out of the city, preparing to head towards the frost rhinos.

Inside the meeting hall, a Tier-8 new lord frowned. “We’re letting him go just like that? Didn’t we agree to kill him in your territory?”

“That’s right. What a great opportunity just now. He brought in just one succubus. Your ambush would definitely be able to kill him.”

“That’s right. Once he dies, his army will definitely fall into chaos. When our six armies join forces, his army will quickly be nibbled away.”

The surrounding Tier-8 soldier new lords spoke one after another.

The tier 7 new Lord didn’t say anything. He knew that the six armies they mentioned didn’t include him. He was only here to make up the numbers.

Of course, there was another reason. His army was humanoid, so it would be faster to clean up the battlefield.

Scarlet Rose, who was already seated at the main seat, glanced at the few of them. A hint of disgust appeared in her eyes.

Following which, she spoke up, “Attack directly? Do you guys know that there’s a Tier-9 succubus in the succubus territory? The succubus beside him might very well be that Tier-9 succubus.”

“If we hadn’t been able to kill him in one strike, we would’ve been finished!”

“Our original plan was to leave him with half of our troops to investigate the strength of the frost rhinos with you guys. After that, we would annihilate the remaining half of his troops. We would then wait for him to return before annihilating him. However, he didn’t take the bait.”

“However, what he said later has given us a better opportunity.”

A Tier-8 new lord frowned, “What opportunity? He’s probably already set off to look for the frost rhinos.”

“Isn’t that perfect? What do you guys think of the frost rhinos’ strength?”

A Tier 8 new lord replied, “It’s naturally very powerful. We’ve tried before, but even if we join forces, we won’t be able to destroy it. Unless we’re willing to pay a heavy price for the loss of our troops.”

Scarlet Rose nodded, “That’s right. The frost rhinos is extremely powerful. Even if his succubus army is strong, even if there’s a Tier-9 succubus among them, he’ll still have to pay a heavy price to wipe out the frost rhinos.”

“We just need to wait. When the battle between him and the frost rhinos reaches its peak, we’ll charge out and catch him off-guard, pincer attacking him from both sides!”

The eyes of the Tier-8 new lords lit up, and they said, “Good Idea. Why didn’t I think of that?”

“I think it’s possible. Even if he has information that can slightly damage the frost rhinos, if we charge in during the most intense moment, we can still make him suffer from both sides. At that time, we’ll slowly devour him.”

“Hahaha, after Ren Qi dies, we can attack the succubus territory. I’ve heard that there are many good things in the succubus territory.”

“I can’t wait any longer. Let’s hurry up and follow him. When he’s in the middle of his battle with the frost rhinos, we’ll steal his butt.”

Scarlet Rose slowly shook her head and said, “There’s no need to rush. We just need to wait quietly. We’ll set off in half an hour.”

The surrounding new lords all smiled and nodded, as if they had already guessed the outcome.

Meanwhile, Ren Qi had already arrived outside. Once again, he gathered his team and headed towards the location of the frost rhinos that Scarlet Rose had provided.

He didn’t know what Scarlet Rose was planning, but he didn’t care at all.

In the face of absolute power, any plan would seem laughable.

The frost rhinos weren’t too far from Scarlet Rose’s territory. After 20 minutes, Ren Qi and the others arrived in front of a frost pool.

According to Scarlet Rose, the frost rhinos were in this frost pool.

This place was very close to Scarlet Rose’s territory. It seemed that she was telling the truth when she said that her territory had been attacked by the frost rhinos several times.

The water in front of them was very clear and gave off a faint chill. It should be more suitable for the frost rhinos to live in.

Just as Ren Qi was considering whether or not to lure the frost rhinos out of the water, the water in front of them suddenly rippled. Following which, a pale-blue rhino directly leaped out of the water.

Like a whale, the rhino soared into the air. Its fat body trembled in the air before it heavily crashed into the water, causing a large splash.

Frost rhino!

The other party had clearly discovered Ren Qi and the others. One by one, frost rhinos began to emerge from the frost pool in front of them, staring intently at Ren Qi and the others.

Although Elise and the others had already retracted their auras, these frost rhinos still clearly felt waves of pressure. They did not choose to rush ashore and chase away this group of intruders.

Looking at the frost rhinos that were continuously floating in the frost pool, Ren Qi knew that it was unlikely that they would be able to lure the other party up.

After giving the order, Elise and the others directly rushed toward the frost pool that was emitting a chill!

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