I Was Caught up in a Hero Summoning, but That World Is at Peace

Chapter 1167 - Tea Party ?

Chapter 1167 - Tea Party ③

In the midst of attention towards us, I managed to calm Jutia-san down. Smiling at Jutia-san, who was happily holding the can of tea I had given her, I drank my tea.

For the time being, I’m going to forget about all those stares around me. I could feel curiosity from them, as they muttered things like “So that’s the rumored……”, but it doesn’t seem like they’ll talk to me while I’m talking to the trio from the Seven Princesses, so I’ll just keep talking to the three of them until things calm down a bit.

[Ahh, speaking of which, I also brought some sweets. They are chocolates made with cacao from our backyard.]

[Chocolate!? Tir loves chocolates!]

[Question…… In other words, Kaito’s has a cacao tree in the backyard?]

I thought Ariel-san’s question was quite reasonable, and I certainly am wondering what kind of house would have tea and cacao that can be harvested in their backyard, but well, let’s not think too deeply about it.

I take a large box of assorted chocolates out of my magic box. Both the box and the chocolates inside are of a level that could be found in a regular high-end chocolate store, and the greatness and meticulousness of Illness-san and Nebula is well conveyed.

[Oyo? What a coincidence, what a coincidence, I brought some chocolates too. They’re very, very tasty chocolates.]

[Ohh, these look high-class. May I have one?]

[Tis alright, tis alright, you can eat as many as you want. I’ll have one of Kaito’s chocolates too……]

It seemed that Jutia-san had coincidentally prepared some chocolates too, and they were packaged in a black box and looked very expensive.

Putting my chocolate at the center of the table, as if I’m exchanging chocolates with Jutia-san, I ate one of her chocolates.

After taking a bite of the chocolate, Jutia-sa stiffened as if time had stopped.

[……Jutia, what’s the matter?]

[This won’t do, this won’t do…… This is much, much better than the one I brought. Even though the taste is strong, it doesn’t linger in the mouth at all and doesn’t interfere with the flavor of the tea. This is amazing, this is amazing, for the chocolates, who had strong individual characteristics, to go so well with tea……]

[I- Is it really that great? Kaitokun-san, can Tir have one too?]

[Y- Yes, of course. Tir-san, Ariel-san too, please go ahead and eat as you like.]

Jutia-san’s eating commentary is amazing. Indeed, this chocolate goes very well with tea. It’s strange how even though chocolates have a firm taste, and as Jutia-san said, have strong flavors, it doesn’t interfere with the taste of the tea at all.

Well, it’s made from cacao made by Nebula, so they must have made it in some special way.

[Hawawa, isn’t this amazing!? I thought the same thing about the tea, but this chocolate is the best I’ve ever tasted!]

[Good flavor…… In other words, it was very delicious. The best item…… In other words, just like Tir, I think this is the best chocolate I’ve ever tasted.]

[Thank you. However, the chocolates Jutia-san brought were also very good.]

[Hmmm, indeed, indeed, it certainly is very tasty, but when I think of eating it along with tea, it’s really not as good as the chocolate Kaito brought. For a chocolate like this to exist, I’m really, really surprised, you know?]

As expected of the tea and cacao Nebula has taken great care of…… Both of the items I brought received high praises from the three of them, and I can’t help but feel proud. No, I’m not really involved in the creation of the tea or cacao, but still, I feel happy hearing them praise Nebula’s creations.

[Kaitokun-san, Kaitokun-san, if you like, have some of the sweets Tir brought~~ Tir made them from fruits harvested from Tir’s field!]

[Dried fruits huh, they look delicious. Thank you for the meal.]


The dried fruits Tir offered me also taste wonderful and delicious.

[I also have provisions…… In other words, I also brought some sweets. Unusual product…… In other words, they’re somewhat rare cookies.]

[They have a very nice, gentle sweetness to them.]

The cookies that Ariel-san had prepared were quite thin…… At a quick glance, I thought they resembled tansan seibei.

It has a gentle taste and is somewhat comforting to eat, making it a great dish to have at snack time.

Just like that, I enjoyed talking with the three of them for a while, sharing our impressions of each of the sweets.

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