Farming Space Makes Me Rich

Chapter 627 - Being Rich is Being Willful!

Chapter 627: Being Rich is Being Willful!

Trending topic today: 100 helicopters gathering in Z city

Then, this news dominated the news.

“Damn, I’ve only heard of people riding bicycles, motorcycles, and cars to buy vegetables. This is the first time I’ve heard of people flying a plane to buy vegetables.”

“Ah... Ah, being rich is great! I can’t bear to waste petrol driving to come and buy vegetables. However, these people are flying planes to come to buy vegetables!”

“The helicopters are lining up!”

“There are over a hundred helicopters. This is the first time I know that my country is actually so rich. So many people have their own private planes!”

“I thought driving a sports car around was already being rich. But now, I feel so dwarfed and shamed.”

“Am I the only one worrying about collisions with so many helicopters flying over City Z?”

“Hey, I’m worried too!”

“If that really happened, it would be written into history. Plane accident because they were out to buy vegetables.”

“Haha. I’d say if that happens, the type of vegetables they buy will enter the history books too.”

“Am I again the only one who’s worried about the damages and injuries that might happen from the collisions?”

“I suppose the consequences will be similar to a train derailment.”

“I think so. If two planes collide, perhaps the plane will careen from the sky.”


“I want to know. Why are there so many planes buying vegetables in city Z? What exactly are they buying?”

The person wanted to go online to search for Green Fresh and Taoyuan Village. However, all the searches were blocked. Then, they realized all the news related to Green Fresh and the boss had been blocked by hackers. They couldn’t find or say anything about them.

Perhaps the netizens were right. The boss had some really powerful backgrounds.

“Previous poster, if you really want to know why these people are flying their planes to come to City Z, you can come to City Z too!”

“City Z welcomes you!”


“What did you say?” Xiao Lingyu, who was in the office, received a call from Zeng Yaozu and was a little surprised. “Many millionaires from several cities flew their planes over to City Z to buy vegetables?!”

Zeng Yaozu was sitting on the edge of his desk in the office with his phone in his hand. He looked out of the window and said with a smile, “It’s true. Some people counted and said that there were at least a hundred helicopters in the sky above City Z. This was the first time I knew there were so many rich people in our country. They are actually flying helicopters to go grocery shopping.”

Xiao Lingyu, “...”

“The citizens here have no idea what’s happening. They thought this was military training at first. They took out their phones and snapped many pictures. Then, the employees at the supermarket revealed that these people all flew here to buy vegetables. Boss, isn’t this funny?”

Zeng Yaozu was overjoyed when he heard the news.

When this news went online, it would suppress the bad rumors about Green Fresh. Could the vegetables be grown with drugs if the rich and powerful fought over them? These people weren’t stupid.

So what did that mean? It could only mean that the vegetables at the supermarkets were fine. Thus, the rumors from before would crumble on their own.

Zeng Yaozu suggested, “Lingyu, we have a lot of new customers. Shall we get more stock for the supermarket in City Z?”

Xiao Lingyu shook her head and said, “No need!”

Just as Xiao Lingyu hung up the phone, Xiao Xinxin rushed in with a laptop in her arms. She said excitedly, “Sis, Sis, good news!”

Xiao Lingyu raised her eyebrows and said curiously, “What good news is it that makes you so excited? You should know that we haven’t received any good news in the past two days.”

Xiao Lingyu did not care much about the rumors. Even if she had to shut down her supermarkets, she didn’t mind. However, she would not allow anyone to scold her son. It made her very angry.

It was impossible for her to remember everyone who posted nasty comments about her son. However, once the netizen posted more than a certain amount, they would be served a lawyer’s letter.

She didn’t mind being scolded, but no one could insult her son.

Xiao Xinxin pointed to a hot search on the computer and said excitedly, “Sis, look, there are hundreds of planes flying into City Z. They’re all here to buy our vegetables.

“This was the best news I’ve heard in a while.”

This was the first public relations incident that Xiao Xinxin had handled since she graduated from school. She had to handle it well.

However, she was still inexperienced, and there were many things that she had not considered well.

This time, the scandal was fierce. They were caught off guard. The online violence and abuse forced them to have to shut down their operation.

This affected the morale in the company too. Many employees thought that the company was going to close down. Some employees even bought into the rumors and thought Xiao Lingyu was evil. Hence, a large number of people left.

In just two days, many positions were left vacant. Many operations halt. Moreover, people continued to leave.

Initially, HR tried to dissuade them. After all, the operation of a company could not be done without employees.

However, as the CEO, Xiao Lingyu, had spoken. Those who were willing to stay would naturally stay, and those who were unwilling to stay could go. However, those who left wouldn’t be invited back into the company.

Thus, Xiao Xinxin and the others stopped trying to dissuade them.

In the past two to three days, not only were the shops forced to suspend their business, but the number of tourists coming to Taoyuan Village also decreased. There were people who purposely came to cause trouble, and there were reporters. It was really annoying.

There were a few times when there was almost a riot. Fortunately, the security personnel at Taoyuan Village were strong and quickly suppressed these incidents.

Otherwise, it would probably cause another headline, like Taoyuan Village Green Fresh bullying tourists and reporters!

Regardless, Taoyuan Village still welcomes sincere tourists.

Many people were interested in the farms due to the rumors, so they came to see them in person. The villagers allowed them to look and even allowed them to record everything.

Some reporters came and realized that the expose was all nonsense. Harsh conditions for workers, using drugs to water plants, they were all unreal. The person who started these rumors must have a really black heart.

Xiao Lingyu gave these reporters some snacks and gifts. She needed a favor from them. She wanted them to withhold the news for now. She wanted to crush the culprit with the truth first. She had a big plan prepared for these horrible people. She would use the law to defend her interests and dignity.

Xiao Xinxin said excitedly, “Sister Lingyu, all we have to do now is wait for the product test report to come out, and then we can smack these horrible people in the face. Then, our name will be cleared!”

Xiao Lingyu nodded and said, “Okay. So, we’ll just sit tight for now!”

Xiao Xinxin nodded and replied, “Okay, I know.”

Then, she seemed to have thought of something and asked, “Sis, have you found out where Bai Shanshan lives?”

Xiao Lingyu nodded and said, “Yes!”

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