Dual Cultivator Reborn [System In The Cultivation World]

Chapter 406 I will bring her back

Chapter 406 I will bring her back

  Yohan took a deep breath as he looked around, but there was no one could be seen inside that place he was alone and there was no sign of Aana" where is Aana, if I am here Inside the house that means she bring me here, is she inside Evelyn's room, no I can't sense her aura, she is not inside the house"yohan whispered and the next moment he closed his eyes, the moment he did that his spiritual senses covered the entire surroundings in instant, more than ten miles area came under his radar, a smile appeared on yohan's face as he noticed something in his spiritual senses.

  "She is cultivating my yang energy over the hill where I started cultivating her celestial yin qi, I don't know how much time passed since my soul cross the dimensions, Aana must be worried about me and probably went through a lot, that's why she didn't get a chance to cultivate my yang qi"yohan whispered, and the next moment his gaze shifted towards the stairs which are leading towards the second floor of the house.

  "First let me heal lady Evelyn, then I will go and look for Aana,"yohan mumbled but suddenly he was being interrupted by the system.


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