Death… And Me

Chapter 1660 Then what do you want?

Chapter 1660 Then what do you want?

  Rean narrowed his eyes in response. "Why? They will lose their cultivations like that."

  Suddenly, Rean and Roan felt like their bodies were locked in place. Not only them but their groups as well. After that, Libraia took flight and left the area with them. At her cultivation level, restraining their groups was as easy as flipping her hands.

  As for those inflicted by the Soul Power worms, only despair remained for them. Then again, there was nothing they could do as they couldn't go against Libraia.

  In a private area, Rean and Roan's group were finally set free. It's just that they could see a few more elders there, including Govin and Iglet. Of course, they had no idea what was happening. "Why did you bring us here?"

  Libraia then used the monitoring formation to bring up the image of cultivators and demon beasts who were inflicted by the Soul Power worms. "Can you see them? We have had this kind of result countless times already. No one was able to get rid of the Cultivation Destruction Soul Worms until today. Well, not in the Lebgram Continent, that is."

  Rean nodded in response. "Obviously. Getting rid of those things is hard as hell. However, I can do it, so why did you stop me?"

  Govin didn't like Rean's behavior, saying, "Boy, be careful with your words. Even if we kill you right here and right now, no one will say anything about it."

  Iglet then shook his head, saying in response, "Let him be, Govin. It's obvious that he's the type who doesn't like killing. It's quite idiotic, but that's how it is."

  "Hmph!" Govin snorted but didn't say anything else.

  Roan, who was there as well, could guess the answer. "You can't have someone healing the cultivators and demon beasts since it would make the trap's existence useless. It's also unfair to those who passed this test before and were successful or lucky enough to avoid those worms." At the same time, he thought, 'It would also be bad since this place exists to eliminate future problems.'

  Libraia was happy that Roan understood. "Very good. I don't mind that you heal your own groups. After all, the participants form groups to help each other. It's part of the tests. However, I can't allow the rest to be healed. Otherwise, the ones afflicted by the Cultivation Destruction Soul Worms would complain about those who were healed in the past."

  Rean, obviously, didn't like it. However, he understood that insisting on this topic would only make things difficult for everyone else. He knew that Govin was right. They could really just kill them right there and then. Rean and Roan's strength was nothing in front of these people. "Fine... we will do as you say."

  Iglet nodded, satisfied. "Very well."

  Krikei, Erla, Min, Lita, Vrie, and Habac didn't know what to say. Lita and Vrie were obviously thankful that Rean helped them. However, none of them wanted to get on the Jhiod Sect's bad side. They were trying to join it, after all.

  Seeing their expressions, Govin added, "All of you are in a group with these two, so this serves as a warning for you as well."

  "Yes, senior." Obviously, none of them were against Govin.

  Roan, however, felt it to be weird. Although he wouldn't pry any further. "Can we go back now?"

  Libraia then looked at the twins' groups after that. "Your friends can go. As for you twins, I have something to talk about with you."

  Krikei and the others could only take their leave after hearing that. As curious as they were, they wouldn't open their mouths here.

  After the twins' groups left, another elder from the Jhiod Sect's trial building appeared. This time, he had Kentucky and Celis with him.

  "Oh! Rean, Roan, so it was you," Kentucky complained. "Couldn't you have just asked me to come? This was too abrupt."

  Celis closed his eyes and didn't say anything. He knew that things were not that simple.

  With the four of them there, Libraia finally got into the main topic. "To be honest, I had no intention of calling you out before you four finished all twelve tests. That skill that allows you to share Divine Energy with each other was impressive, but it's not like our Jhiod Sect doesn't have something similar."

  Libraia then narrowed her eyes as she continued, "However, the mysterious energy that the twins had on their weapons. I was sure I had seen it before. To make sure, I sent a message to Jhiod Sect in Jhiod Continent. After they analyzed my message and the memory images with it, I received an urgent message from the High Elder of the sect."

  After that, she pointed at the twins. "Was that mysterious energy perhaps the weapons' intents?"

  The twins, as well as Kentucky and Celis, were surprised to hear that. As far as they knew, they had never seen anyone using weapon intents. How does the Jhiod Sect know about it? 

  Well, hiding would be useless since Libraia and the Jhiod Sect obviously knew about it. "We did indeed use the weapons' intents. What's the problem with it? We checked the rules. There was nothing in the tests saying one couldn't use intents."

  They were impressed by Roan's words. "So they really were weapon intents!"

  Libraia was quite excited herself. "I have seen a sword intent in the past, but only once. It was during a visit to the center of the Realm of Gods back in the Jhiod Sect. A senior from there was challenged by one of our elders before he trashed his opponent with his staff intent. That elder was over a realm below our own elder, so everyone was shocked."

  Roan could guess what they wanted by now. "If you're expecting us to teach you how to use weapon inten-"

  "We're not," Libraia cut Roan off straight away. "Don't underestimate us, brat. We know that intents aren't something that can be taught."

  This time, Roan's attention was really piqued. "Oh-ho... then, what do you want?"

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