Campus Rebirth: The Strongest Female Agent

Chapter 1333 Mu Ying’s Background

Chapter 1333 Mu Ying’s Background

Mu Ying flashed a smile and reeled it back in as she scanned Yun Jian from head to toe then said, “You’re… Very skilled! I’m afraid I can’t last three blows from you now. To be able to become the only one who accomplished all of An Hun Group’s missions and left its control, you didn’t disappoint me!”

Mu Ying was only nine years old and had spent only several years in An Hun Group when she died. Even then, someone who had grown up in that environment would not be someone simple.

“Talk about yourself.” Yun Jian crossed her arms in front of her and squinted at Mu Ying.

It was then Mu Ying flashed a smile before saying seriously, “I did die back then but I was lucky. Before my body was thrown to feed the dogs, my mind and thoughts were taken away by a crazy professor.”

“Perhaps you’d understand it better this way. It means that the current me is still me. My thoughts and way of thinking are still the old MY but this body isn’t mine.”

“My body was already devoured by the dogs and this current body belonged to a little


“The crazy professor’s transferred my brain capacity to the little girl who had died back then and resurrected me.”

“The purpose of him saving me was to let me pretend as the little girl and keep her family company. Heh, don’t you think I’m lucky? The crazy professor’s the only scientist in the world who’s mastered transferring someone’s consciousness to another person through the brain and I’m his first successful experiment.”

“It was too bad that he passed away the second year I came to this body while I’m happy right now since I have a new family with this girl’s identity.”

Mu Ying summarized her background.

Although Yun Jian was surprised that there was someone who could transfer a person’s consciousness to another person who was dead and make the latter become someone else, it did not seem as unbelievable when she herself was reborn.

“Unbelievable, right? Haha! But I didn’t stop training after I became the girl. I applied for Min City’s military school for senior high, not expecting to see you again here!”

Mu Ying told Yun Jian about what she had gone through but she did not ask about Yun Jian, not that she dared either. The lesser she knew about Yun Jian’s background, the safer she was. Mu Ying had spent some time in An Hun Group, after all, and knew as much. Moreover, she did not want to be involved in the assassins and secret agents world she used to be in her past life. As for why Mu Ying kept training herself, she was influenced by the concept of the survival of the fittest in her previous life—she wanted to become strong; another reason was because her current family—her grandparents, parents, and even relatives were all in the military!

Basically, Mu Ying’s current status was like a princess in a military family. It simply would not do if she was not trained when she grew up in a family like this.

Yun Jian liked people who did not press for her current identity like Mu Ying. She smiled at the latter. “Let us put away the past and get to know each other again then.”

She sincerely stuck a hand out in front of Mu Ying and introduced herself once more, “I’m Yun Jian, from Zhe Province’s Longmen City. I’m 16 this year and I’m in Freshman Class (2).”

Mu Ying was quite moved by Yun Jian’s words.

Life was unpredictable. Back when they were in An Hun Group, they survived with the determination of dying; to be able to leave An Hun Group was an utmost luxury to them back then.

Mu Ying held Yun Jian’s hand tearfully and introduced herself again, “I’m Mu Ying. I stay in Min City and I’m in Freshman Class (9). It’s great to know you!”

The most beautiful friendship in the world was not made up by promises but recognizing each other in a glance out of a sea of people and knowing that they were your truest friend in this life, surpassing the limitation of life and death.

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