All My Disciples Suck!

Chapter 288:

Chapter 288:

88: I will allow you to remove the restrictions!

He Yiming was a little dumbfounded,

Haotian Academy’s combat strength was definitely not limited to this point.

This time, he was well prepared.

Not to mention himself, just the combat strength of the players was enough.

Not to mention that he still had a backup plan!


That’s it?

Twenty Half-Step Sea Wheel, nearly six hundred Foundation Establishment cultivators?

If this little bit of combat strength was shown more than a month ago, perhaps the players behind him would need to fight bitterly!


“Brother Ming, let me do it!”

“No, no, no, I’ll do it!”

“It’s just a small piece of trash. Brother Ming, just sit there and watch!”

“Bosses, please, give me a chance. Let me show off first!”

“That’s right. With so few enemies, how am I supposed to show off now that you’ve killed all of them?”

“Why don’t we play rock, papers, scissors? Whoever wins will go!”

The players were in an uproar. All of them wanted to fight!

“Enough! Everyone listen! Kill them all!!!” Gu Hang was enraged. He no longer wanted to listen to He Yiming and the disciples under him.

With a single order, he waited for He Yiming and his hundred disciples to die miserably.

“Kill!!!” The guards of the three hundred Haotian Academy and the three hundred disciples of the Mu Clan all released powerful auras!

“Good for you!”

“Hahaha, hurry up and give me my kill!”

“My broadsword is already thirsty!”

The players were all excited. They were all excited!

Right at this moment, a figure tore through the air and arrived in front of He Yiming!

“Hehe, He Yiming, I’ll take your head! Principal Gu Hang will definitely reward me greatly!” Among the guards, a half-step Sea Realm expert rushed forward to attack He Yiming.

“Haha, with half-step Sea Wheel cultivation, an ant at the early Foundation Establishment stage wouldn’t even have time to react!” The guard smiled sinisterly, his right hand forming a claw that was about to pierce through He Yiming’s heart.

“He Yiming, be careful!” Qing’er screamed when she saw this scene.

He Yiming is dead for sure!

Qing’er felt her breathing stop.

But right at that moment…


With a single punch, the half-step Sea Wheel guard fell to the ground.

The half-step Sea Wheel guard’s face collapsed, and his brain was shattered into a mess.

He died!

The one who attacked…

It was Wang Lufei!

“???” The tragic death of this half-step Sea Wheel guard made the air suffocate.

Everyone rubbed their eyes, then looked carefully.

Wang Lufei…

One of the captains of the Haotian Academy’s bodyguard team was killed with one hit.


“How is that possible?” Yan Gang sucked in a cold breath, as if he didn’ t dare to believe it.

“!!!” Gu Hang’s eyes widened in shock.

“How is that possible? How did he do it?” The five secret forces members of the Holy Prison Land exclaimed in unison.

“Wang Lufei?” Qing’er was completely dumbfounded.

Qing’er remembered that silly youth too clearly!

More than two months ago, he a trash with only 5 talent.

However, in the strength test, one person had suppressed her and the other three Ice Palace disciples.

She had thought that after two months, her cultivation base would far surpass Wang Lufei’s.

The difference between the two ought to be the difference between the clouds and the mud.

However, it seemed like she was the mud and Wang Lufei was the cloud!

At the peak of Spirit Vein, how could he accurately capture the half-step Sea Wheel Realm’s attack and then kill it with one punch?

Not to mention seeing, Qing’er had never even heard of it.

“Disciples, listen!” He Yiming said calmly.

“I will allow you to remove the restrictions!” He Yiming whispered.

“OH YEAH!!!” The hundred players were stunned for a moment, then immediately exploded with excitement!


Without another word, Xiao Li Flying Knife exploded with the aura of a peak Foundation Establishment cultivator/


With a wave of his saber, the aura of a peak Foundation Establishment cultivator was also released.

First Iceman, Indomitable Bear, Beef Noodles, and Wang Lufei, there was no need to ask!

They were at the peak of Foundation Establishment!


The rest of the players were all at the peak and late Foundation Establishment stages!


With so many people bursting out with their auras, the six hundred guards were completely suppressed in an instant.

The six hundred guards did seem to have higher cultivation bases.

However, the difference between their auras and cultivation bases was several times greater.

Quite a few people even had an illusion.

In front of He Yiming’s hundred disciples, the six hundred experts on Gu Hang’s side were a group of lambs to be slaughtered.

“All Foundation Establishment?”

When everyone saw this scene, they felt flustered, unable to calm down.

Three months ago.

He Yiming had graduated from the Heavenly Ranking, and was at the peak of the 10th Body Refining Realm!

Three months later…

He Yiming’s disciples were all at the Foundation Establishment Realm!

Don’t ask. Foundation Establishment, Foundation Establishment, all Foundation Establishment!

Furthermore, every single person’s cultivation base was terrifyingly deep, at least twice as strong as that of the same cultivation base.

But the most terrifying thing was…

“Just now, when they suppressed their cultivation, they instantly killed a pseudo-Foundation Establishment opponent? Now that they had displayed their true strength… hiss hiss hiss!” Many people gasped and began to panic.

However, at this moment, many truly wise people were all looking at He Yiming.

No matter how strong a disciple was, to be able to become so strong, it was all thanks to the Master or the Grandmaster.

In that case, when even the disciples had reached the peak of Foundation Establishment, what cultivation did He Yiming have right now?

“Number 7, this He Yiming, I’m afraid…” Number 9’s expression sank.

“He’s definitely not at the Half-step Sea Wheel Realm!” Number 7 spoke without hesitation!

Half-step Sea Wheel?

Even his disciple was able to kill half-step Sea Wheel Realm with a single punch, and this was on the premise of suppressing his cultivation.

Who said that He Yiming was merely half-step into the Sea Wheel Realm?

“Peak of Foundation Establishment…?” Qing’er looked at Wang Lufei and suddenly felt something.

If it was two months ago, she would be able to suppress Wang Lufei.

Now, she and Wang Lufei were two different worlds!

“I knew it… He had always been hiding his strength!” Nangong Li laughed again.

“Palace Master is smiling again… In the past two months in the Ice Palace, I hadn’t seen the Palace Head laugh a few times, but now, every time she saw He Yiming, the Palace Master would smile so happily!” Qing’er lowered her head silently.

Perhaps she was wrong! She had underestimated He Yiming!

“He Yiming is actually this strong?”

“Lord He Yiming, I, I didn’t ridicule you before! Really!”

“Don’t, don’t kill me!”

Many spectators were already panicking.

Although these spectators were from large families and large sects, they would be sent to the Haotian Academy. In fact, this already indicated that these people weren’t some core disciples.

It was because Haotian Academy’s main goal was to impart knowledge.

Training was mainly for management, recording, and research talents.

In this cultivation world where power was respected, monkeys would know the status of such a person.

To put it bluntly, only when they were confirmed to be of no importance would they be sent to the Haotian Academy to learn all kinds of knowledge. As a knowledgeable person, they would return to their sects and clans to serve.

True geniuses had already prepared countless cultivation resources for them.

Therefore, these spectators themselves knew their own strength.

Once the fight started, any of He Yiming’s disciples would slip their hands and lose their own people.

Two months ago, He Yiming was only at the Spirit Vein Realm. He only had 88 players, and the four strongest were only just at the early Spirit Vein Realm!

At that time, insulting their faces meant courting death.

But now, he had the absolute advantage, so why didn t he hurry up and slaughter these idiots and harvest a wave of karmic luck to make his blood happy?

“Other than the Ice Palace disciples…

“Everyone is an enemy!

“Disciples, use the Azure Emperor Immortal Body, condense your eyes, and then use the Mind Eye!

“Anyone with an azure pillar of fire appearing above their head will be killed first.”

He Yiming spoke indifferently and gave the order!

“Clear the field!”

Clang! Clang!

The hundred players shouted in unison as they prepared to attack!

“!!!” At this moment, Mu Ming was even more shocked than Gu Hang and Yan Gang.

Mu Ming never thought that the disciples under He Yiming’s command would be so powerful.

Originally, Mu Ming had planned to cooperate and finish He Yiming before starting his plan.

But now that he’s on a deep pit, he won’t start a big plan.

He Yiming would definitely slaughter all of his men.

“Attack!!!” Mu Ming roared furiously!

Gu Hang didn’t notice anything wrong at all. He thought that Mu Ming was giving orders to attack He Yiming!

“That’s right, Brother Mu, hurry, hurry and kill!” Gu Hang was excitedly staring at He Yiming when he suddenly felt a pain in his chest!

“You… you… Brother Mu?” Gu Hang struggled to turn around and looked at Mu Ming who had pierced through his chest. How could he have thought that Mu Ming would actually attack him?



“What’s going on?”

“Save… me…”

Before the guards of Haotian Academy could react, they were killed by the so-called Mu Clan disciples behind them.

His death could be said to be neat and orderly!

Even He Yiming was dumbfounded.


What the hell was this?

Before he could make a move…

Why did Gu Hang start his own internal battle?

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