After Being Betrayed, I Inherited A Massive Fortune

Chapter 120 - Dream on

Chapter 120: Dream on

Huo Chuan looked in the direction where Yun Qing had left and frowned.

He had a vague feeling that Yun Qing was doing this to get away from him.

Did she hate him that much?

Yun Qing took her phone and strode to the resting area. She poured herself a cup of coffee and decided to sharpen her mind for the meeting.

Just as she turned around, a sharp voice suddenly sounded, “Yun Qing, you still have the cheek to come?”

Enemies shared a narrow path. Wasn’t the person who came at her in anger Zhou Mo?

Yun Qing chuckled, “I have legs. I can go wherever I want.”

When she took in Yun Qing’s beautiful appearance, Zhou Mo became even angrier.

It was precisely because of Yun Qing that Star Moon Entertainment was in turmoil now. There was no one to help her deal with the scandal.

Now, news of her gambling, rumors, and plastic surgery were flying all over the place. The Zhou family spent millions but were unable to suppress these scandals.

In the past, she was a popular little flower in the entertainment industry. Now, she had become a rat that everyone wanted to beat up.

Even her family had scolded her for this matter.

If it wasn’t for Yun Qing, how would she have ended up like this?!

However, Yun Qing wouldn’t be able to be complacent for long. The Zhou family was determined to win the battle for the shares of Star Moon Entertainment.

“Ha, Yun Qing, don’t be too complacent! Only after the shareholders’ meeting will you know who will get the shares!

“Right now, only Brother Huo Chuan has the largest amount of shares, but I don’t think he will give it to you.

“So, just wait for your loss!”

Zhou Mo’s words almost made Yun Qing laugh out loud.

The more confident she was, the more her face would be slapped later.

“Lose?” Yun Qing smiled, her eyes full of mockery. “I’ve never really lost since I was young.

“Zhou Mo, don’t be too full of yourself.”

Seeing that Yun Qing did not seem to care, Zhou Mo was even more furious, mentioning Yun Qing’s most unbearable memories.

“Yun Qing, what’s so great about you? Aren’t you just a divorced woman? Even if you married into the Huo family, weren’t you still chased out in the end?

“You’re a piece of trash that has been thrown out by someone once, and you still expect the person who threw you out to help you? You’re really daydreaming!

“The last time Brother Huo Chuan helped you during the entertainment celebration, it was because of his magnanimity and kindness! Don’t think too much about it!”

The more Zhou Mo spoke, the more enthusiastic she became. She insisted on treating Yun Qing as a woman who could not live without Huo Chuan.

Unfortunately, Yun Qing had long realized it.

This world would still spin without anyone. Without Huo Chuan, she would still be living well.

Moreover, she would be living a thousand times better than before.

Yun Qing also did not understand why Zhou Mo had to arrange such a character for her.

Just because Zhou Mo liked Huo Chuan, she believed that all the women in the world were coveting Huo Chuan?

Ha, she did not want to have Huo Chuan in her hands anymore.

There was no anger on Yun Qing’s face. Looking at Zhou Mo’s angry expression, she only felt that Zhou Mo was like a clown.

“Miss Zhou, I have to remind you that it wasn’t Huo Chuan who didn’t want me. I was the one who dumped him.

“Besides, you went for plastic surgery to please a man and defiled yourself. I can’t compare to you on this point.

“You’d better take it easy. You love gambling so much. Even if you marry into the Huo family, the Huo family has you and Huo Qing, the two gamblers. I’m afraid that no matter how much money they have, it won’t be enough for you and Huo Huo.”

With that, Yun Qing left in her high heels and prepared to return to the meeting room.

Zhou Mo gritted her teeth as she watched Yun Qing’s back — why, why could she always humiliate her?!

Could it be that she was going to let Yun Qing off just like that?!

She refused to accept it!

Zhou Mo rushed up to here in a huff. Seeing that Yun Qing was about to go up the stairs, she reached out and gave her a hard push.

Didn’t they say that she was the most beautiful CEO?

Didn’t they say that she was cold and dignified?

Today, she was going to let this b*tch, Yun Qing, throw herself on the ground and break her legs!

Yun Qing did not expect Zhou Mo to suddenly push her. She fell forward and her high-heeled feet twisted violently.

However, she did not fall on the ground like Zhou Mo had expected. Instead, she fell into a warm embrace.

“Zhou Mo, are you crazy?!”

Huo Chuan’s cold growl sounded.

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